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wish list /mod

Mar 26, 2015
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coming from a professional trade, being a commercial photographer, I do have some wish list for inspire1.
feel free to add
1) better optics, maybe carl zeiss, the corners lose their sharpness way too fast. I am sure many wont mind a extra weight of zeiss optics

2) lens hood.

3) histogram for accurate exposure on the app

4) onboard noise reduction, Nikon and canon use a noise reduction algorithm where they take a second exposure of identical settings and use it to reduce the noise level, aka" Job NR"

5) I have always wondered, the camera has a fan. why hasn't anyone considered making someform of heatsink, or even using the entire casing as a heat spreader. considering that inspire one is almost always moving, there is always wind flow,

6) active cooling is quite a thing of the past. phaseone and hassyblad have gone past active and switched to passive cooling. the few cameras that I know still uses active are phantom 4k (that's a 4k fps camera)

7) maybe extra thick Teflon pads for the landing gear so that it can glide better for going in and out of travel mode.

8) multi battery gang way charger. ( I am very tempted to make my own charger rated at 600-800ws)
9) ability to go into travel mode when not on ground. as of now, it needs a ground to know how much to close. why not the ability to set the fixed distance? so that we can exit travel mode while holding it.

10) ability to do more data dump from the sensor, eg, 12bit raw file or maybe even 14bit.

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