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X5S startup. Is the last pulse and sound normal? video link

DJI wants me to send everything I have in for them to look at because of the shaking X4S on startup. My X5S seems fine but the pulse at the end. Please watch to the end and tell me if pulse and sound is normal. Thanks


X5S Startup
Dropbox - X5S startup.MOV

X4S startup
Dropbox - inspire 2 gimbal 2.mov
Can't comment on the X4, as far as the X5: mine does not do that "pulsing" in the end. Yours seems to bang a bit as well, have you calibrated?
I have refreshed, gimbal calibration, IMU calibration. I think the banging is highlighted by using a mic right by it. It does hit the end points like my Inspire 1 Pro.
If it's maxed out with the Olympus 12mm then a bunch of people are in trouble. Most common lens used. I am pretty sure it is lighter than the stock lens. I have been using the stock lens for the past week with the same problems. I just put that on today.
I did a refresh and I think it is defective but I want to make sure before I ship all of this stuff in.
I had this similar problem with both my camera when i got the I2 in January. I found the "cure" was each time i mounted a camera i would rotate the gimbal through the various positions from zero to max on all axis. Once i had done this i powered up the I2 and the "shake" was not there anymore. I repeated this for about 10 flights then the problem just went away. I came to the conclusion it was caused by friction between the moving parts in the gimbal.

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