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Yaw Problem- Video-DJI asked for it

Is your Imu calibrated ? And your compas does it do it over surfaces that aren't moving
VIDEO- Yaw Problem.... Documented... DJI asked for it... I hope they can fix this as it makes Filming very difficult... I know I am not the only one that has this problem..


I replied to your post in RC Groups. I'll ask here: Have you done a stick calibration? My apologies if you have. Some don't know that the feature is available and important to do.
I have exactly the same issue. I reported it to DJI 24/7 support and they told me they are aware of the issue and that the next firmware update will have a fix for this.
Make sure the IMU is calibrated. It must be in spec and be sure to do it at least until the new firmware is out.
It needs to be cool for accurate results.
See the dji inspire forum for more details.
You admit having some sort of problem with the Inspire.........yet are flying it over the water?:rolleyes:
All my sensor boxes are blank any help also I did imu basic next day says it needs cal again

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