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Recent content by Eagleview Drones

  1. Eagleview Drones

    MC connection to the center board has failed

    Read my post here to fix this... "MC Connection to Center Board Failed" - Solved & Prevention
  2. Eagleview Drones

    issues with Premiere Pro CC 2015 v9.0.2

    Does it look like that before Youtube "converts" it? If not then it's Youtubes' processing. Try Vimeo.
  3. Eagleview Drones

    "MC Connection to Center Board Failed" - Solved & Prevention

    I found out the hard way what this message means and how to fix it and prevent it from happening again. After upgrading to the latest firmware ( as of this writing), I flew the full duration of one TB48 battery with absolutely no problems at all. I've developed the habit of changing out...
  4. Eagleview Drones


    Just remember to let them cool to ambient temperature before recharging.
  5. Eagleview Drones

    New firmware on Android

    Since the Android version of the new app is not out yet, are there any issues using the old software with the new firmware? I'm not talking about actual updating or issues because of the firmware, but just with the use of the older Android Pilot App.
  6. Eagleview Drones

    Hand catching: leave it to the professional....singers.

    Looks to me like he grabbed it by the camera and tried to turn it to the crowd. At that point, the gimbal was probably ruined. You can't fix stupid.
  7. Eagleview Drones

    Workable tablet

    I use two Samsung Galaxy Note 4 8" tablets. They work great. Costco had them for $189 a few weeks ago. They come with a protective sleeve and the two of them in their sleeves fit perfectly in the place where the manuals were in the case.
  8. Eagleview Drones

    Firmware v1.2.1.03 2015-05-06

    I inquired as to what would be required for my company to become a DJI dealer and authorized service center. The response from them was a requirement of minimum $50,000.00 monthly order commitment, and they were not interested in establishing another service center, even though we are...
  9. Eagleview Drones

    the second remote

    I have my second controller set to tilt up & down on the left stick fwd & back, roll the camera left & right on the left stick left & right. The right stick is set to pan on the left & right. The still & video buttons function as normal.
  10. Eagleview Drones

    Firmware v1.2.1.03 2015-05-06

    I do notice a new HDR button on the popout menu...............................but it's grayed out.
  11. Eagleview Drones

    Firmware v1.2.1.03 2015-05-06

    Weren't they trying to get me to be a beta tester a few weeks ago? Where did that group go?
  12. Eagleview Drones

    Firmware v1.2.1.03 2015-05-06

    Still amazes me that with all the testing, something like that can still get out and be released. I'd much rather DJI put off a release until it's correct. When GS does come out, I can only imagine the first 20-30 posts in that topic...
  13. Eagleview Drones


    Me too. Two days early. Great fit! Three of them in their boxes fit perfectly in one of the battery slots in the case.
  14. Eagleview Drones

    Sunshades for any display

    Since I couldn't find anything I liked better online, I made these. These are for my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 8" tablets, but can be made for any size display. I used fiberglass sheet that is about 0.030" thick and very rigid. The pieces are held together by fiberglass tape so as to make them...
  15. Eagleview Drones

    Bracketed/Exposure Fusion Photos of the Beach

    I think you may be on to something there. I think I was using the Still button on the controller before, and I know for sure I used the on-screen button for these shots. Will have to test that.