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Recent content by Lesmess

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    Inspire 2 - Malfunction

    Sorry for your loss, I was never happy with the quick release props and replaced them with fixed T-Motor carbon fibre props. They have been fantastic. Less anxiety when flying and better control.
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    Firmware V01.02.0500 Concerns Or Not?

    The controller was updated in a previous firmware update dated 10.06.2020 (controller only). If I remember correctly when I connected the controller to my internet connected iPad it came up with the option to install the new firmware on the controller. No issues at all. When I updated my...
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    Gotta love DJI's quirks - "Battery too cold to fly" when battery exceeds threshold for takeoff.

    Pretty cold here in Northern Scotland, I preheat the batteries by packing them with a couple hot water bottles in a soft bag. They are nice and warm when ready to fly. May I ask what firmware version you are using?
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    Firmware V01.02.0500 Concerns Or Not?

    Hi mmarian, It is a wire link that threads through the camera suspension module and attaches to the aircraft body, it prevents the loss of the camera if it separates from the airframe. This device now comes as standard on new Inspire 2 aircraft, I bought one just in case. Thanks for the...
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    Follow me mode

    There are several videos on Youtube explaining this feature. To be honest something I have hardly used on my I1.
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    Firmware V01.02.0500 Concerns Or Not?

    Having ignored this upgrade for some time, I mistakenly accepted the upload during safety checks on my I2. Thought I was accepting no fly zone updates I don't know, anyways here I am with the newish firmware installed on my I2 and four sets of batteries. I then went to the DJI website to check...
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    Newbie needs advice

    I have used a standard iPad with no cellular for over eight years with my various drones with no issues. I currently have a 10.5 Pro and a Mini 5, I hardly use the Pro now as the mini is perfect for my needs. I'm happy to report no glitches at all, I only have a few apps on my mini, most all...
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    Reduced range using Crystal Sky with I2

    Struggling to see how the crystal sky would effect range unless there is some sort of radio interferance coming from your monitor. The crystal sky was developed with the Inspire 1 & 2 in mind so you would imagine I hope, that DJI ensured perfect compatibility with the various controllers it can...
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    INSPIRE 2 best settings for the X5S

    HI Mike, depends what kinda look your after in your videos and what you are shooting. As this thread suggests a good starting point is using a high frame rate to prevent motion blur. If you need to shoot 4k then is best to apply the two x rule, if you set your frames per second at 30 then you...
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    I2 x4s gimbal rocking while RTH

    X5s Camera acts strangely as well on activating the return to home. I reported this to DJI. No issues with normal flight. This occurred after the last firmware upgrade.
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    New Inspire 2 firmware (April 18, 2018)

    When you activate the RTH the camera swings round at least 90 degrees from straight ahead did this several times when activating the RTH
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    I2 Battery Firmware

    Ok updated everything including all my 4 battery sets with no issues. I should say when I connected the bird to my Mac it updated my new set of batteries to the current version on the inspire. This stopped the inconsistent firmware warnings. As I wanted to use my IPhone X I continued and...
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    I2 Battery Firmware

    Great thanks for that. Here goes for nothing then, I’ll update her now.
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    I2 Battery Firmware

    No haven't flown her yet, decided i would take no chances and update the firmware. On the update screen it said i would be limited in height and distance unless I was logged into the app. Did a search with I2 distance restriction with limited results. I know you can unlock this by signing...