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Recent content by Raymondo

  1. Raymondo

    CinemaDNG, Apple ProRes 422HQ or Apple ProRes 4444XQ.

    Hi. I am still trying to find a solution to importing fragmented ProRes files into Premiere on a Windows PC. Media Browser will join the 4GB files in other formats, but what do you do for ProRes?
  2. Raymondo

    how to turn off FPV camera from app on Inspire 2

    Thanks. I'll give it a try this afternoon.
  3. Raymondo

    Inspire 2 errors in controller video recording

    I have perfect reception when monitoring while filming. When I play back, there are glitches. Not good to have to explain to the client that the recording on the Inspire is OK. Of course, at the same time, I am wondering if that is true,
  4. Raymondo

    how to turn off FPV camera from app on Inspire 2

    I'd like to know how to hide the fpv too. Got caught out with something unwanted in the video being hidden by the fpv. Swipe does not lose it and it still overlaps the main image when minimized.
  5. Raymondo

    Inspire 2 won't fly faster than 5-7 mph.

    I had that in the release before the current one. An odd thing was that if I selected tripod mode, and ramped the speed up, everything was normal. In the end, a dji assistant reset fixed it.
  6. Raymondo

    I need waypoints with "ramp down speed"

    So far, my preference has been to fly manually for cinematic work. A simple point of interest is boring if the object is always in the centre of frame. Flying manually lets me change the frame as I go. Have used spotlight pro a couple of times, when manoeuvring around a moving object, but that’s...
  7. Raymondo

    video mode breaksup file size

    Please tell me how? The Go app only formats in FAT. If you put an Xfat SD in the aircraft, it is not recognised. DJI themselves told me that it is not supported.
  8. Raymondo

    video mode breaksup file size

    This is all because dji still do not support exfat. Fat format disks only support 4gb. The original I2 brochure says that exfat is supported (asterisk - in a future release). Still not happened, even for SSDs. A real pain with the larger ProRes files. Wake up DJI, exfat has been around for...
  9. Raymondo

    Premier Pro CC File Issues

    Do follow up on proxies in the current version. From the release before last they made them really easy to set up and use. Before that, it was a pain.
  10. Raymondo

    Premier Pro CC File Issues

    Ditto. No problems in Premier ever. Originally filmed H264 on my mavic pro, I1, I1 Pro and I2. No probs with new or old files. Now shooting ProRes and all is fine. The great thing about the lower compression ProRes is that my pc is much happier editing 4K.
  11. Raymondo

    ExFAT and fragmented ProRes files on SSD

    Thank you for the good news. Good, if exFAT is available to X5s and ProRes only craft.
  12. Raymondo

    ExFAT and fragmented ProRes files on SSD

    Have been chasing dji again about exFAT formatting of SSD drives so we can get rid of the 4gb blocks for files each in their own folder. Despite this being a 'coming soon' feature on the original brochure, dji still say there is nothing in the pipeline. Do any of you guys have the programming...
  13. Raymondo

    CF Inspire 2 tripod mount

    Ditto. Why have a flying gimbal fixed to a tripod. Hmmm.
  14. Raymondo

    X7 Support for Apple ProRes RAW + exFAT File System

    exFat for the ssd on x5s would be fantastic. Especially as the original promos said exFat compatibily for ssd. It is a real pain managing each take in its own folder. I guess dji thought it was easier to know which takes had gone to multiple files. I would almost have accepted it if they had...
  15. Raymondo

    Problems with "red Colour Props"

    Interesting that there is so much about Red props. On my I2, it is the White props that have sloppy fittings. Using tape to pack it at the moment, but would rather I had correctly fitting mounts.