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  2. Augermeister

    SOLD - NEW DJI INSPIRE 1 Remote Controller & Mobile Device Holder - N.I.B.

    SOLD - Currently available on eBay for $365.00!!! (+ shipping) BRAND NEW in box Inspire 1 Lightbridge controller (GL658B) and device holder. Box opened only to verify contents and charge level indication (which checked out). I've got an Inspire for personal use and really don't need the second...
  3. S

    Inspire 1 Pro / X5 Full Heavy Hitting Production Kit!

    I have an absolutely prime condition Inspire 1 Pro / X5 Full Tilt Production Kit for sale. Craft, Camera, Filters, 3 - 64 gb cards, 3 Controllers (one never used) 10 batteries, 2 iPad Mini's, Smart Power Charger System + Four 180w chargers (can charge 8 batteries, 2 controllers and 2 tablets in...
  4. I

    Controller Problem

    Hi, I recently crashed and lost my drone in steep valley around November. There was no way i could get it without repealing down a few cliffs.I was super bummed about and would be even more sad when the rain came knowing it was out there getting soaked until the new year came around and I had a...
  5. marsmock

    Controller Range Extension Installs

    Hello. I don't see anything in search on this. Has anyone actually used these guys before? Anyone have any thoughts on the install of this? ITE-DBS02 Phantom 3 Pro / Advanced /Inspire 1 / Matrice / (solo with some modification) | DBS Mods I have two controllers (master/slave) and at $210...
  6. I

    Inspire 1 Remote / Almost new / £299

    yes, excellent condition, not used too much remote controller for the Inspire 1. £299 pounds, call julian 07942684494 ...London UK based