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  1. Litte Viking

    Unable to link secondary controller (Slave)

    I've had my Inspire 2 for a couple of years, did buy this second hand but have had no problems. Recently decided to setup my second controller as a slave (secondary for camera control) however I can not get it to link to primary controller. Interestingly the slave does NOT have a RC ID and it...
  2. S

    Inspire 1 Pro - Both Controller Keep Beeping - Tried Everything I know - Help!

    I just bought this used Inspire 1 Pro with Zenmuse x5 with x2 Controllers (Master And Slave). And tried to Upgrade the firmware, which failed at first attempt, and Since then Its just Constantly Beeping. To solve this I tried these Steps : 1. Calibrated both the Controller more then 5 times...
  3. Clay Dooley

    DJI Cendence Controller, with extras - $1000 + shipping fee. Located in San Luis Obispo, Ca

    Selling my Cendence controller as I don’t necessarily need it. The right stick malfunctioned and it was sent in to DJI for repair and they just sent me a new one. Comes with patch antenna, 1 battery, crystal sky mount, and hard-case.
  4. A

    I2 controller phone/tablet mount issue

    So I just received my new I2 and noticed that the crystal sky/tablet mount on the controller is different than before. The controller shipped with the crystal sky mount in place but it seems as though they changed the tablet mount from an entirely separate bracket to just an adapter. This isn't...
  5. T

    Inspire 1 Pro X5 + OSMO $2000 LA

    INSPIRE 1 PRO ZENMUSE X5 3 TB47 Intelligent Flight Battery (4500mAh) 2 Dual Controllers 6 Propellers Battery Charging Hub Battery Heater Remote Controller Strap Remote Controller Monitor Hood for Tablets Plastic Suitcase (With Inner Container) Case (Broken Zipper) OSMO 5 Intelligent...
  6. S

    Inspire 1 Pro + Extra Controller for sale - SOLD

    I am selling my lightly used Inspire 1 Pro. It only has 4 hours of flight time. I bought it to take photos in Iceland a couple of years ago. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area where it is almost entirely off limits to fly so I haven't been flying it hence the 4 hours of flight time. 1 x...
  7. Linuxglobal

    App disconnecting from controller ?? Holding C1 or C2

    Hi Guys, Found a bit of an issue this weekend, still new to the inspire series. On my inspire 1 controllers (GL658C & GL658A), both have the same issue. On the ground or in the air, holding either C1 or C2 (not together), seems to disconnect the app from the controller almost like a blip in...
  8. Rocco Z

    $500 bid Selling Inspire Add Ons: TSA LandingMode Case, 2 TX, 3 Batts, Charging Hub

    This item has been sold. Here's the eBay link; willing to go outside of eBay. Contains: GPC Inspire 1 Pro Landing Mode case with TSA-Approved locks, key included Inspire 1 TB47 Battery (x2) Inspire 1 TB48 Battery Inspire 1 Transmitter (x3), two functioning, one in need of DJI repair...
  9. Z

    DJI Inspire 2 Controller and X4S Camera

    For Sale: Both in Excellent condition and fully functional. Paypal. Will ship to Verified Shipping Address Only. Located in Springfield, MA - DJI Inspire 2 Controller w/ Tablet Mount and GPS - $330 USD - DJI X4S Camera w/ Box - $375 USD
  10. RobH2

    Is it possible to access the Inspire 2's buttons to drive custom servo?

    I'd like to add a small device to my Inspire 2 and have it make the same movements as the up and down movements of the FPV camera. I'd just power it and when I move the FPV camera, my device would do the same thing. Is there a way to do this?
  11. kj_willems

    2nd Controller Firmware N/A.

    I have a second controller that I bought with the Inspire 1. Since the beginning i can't connect the second controller, tried upgrading it with all the systems available but still doesn't help. When trying to downgrade the firmware it tells me that the firmware is not available! (See Picture)...
  12. S

    Super weak image transmission for the camera operator controller

    As the title says, I would like to know how to solve that! The transmission and video feed to the aircraft controller(master) is always perfect, but the video feed to the camera controller (slave) is terrible, lags a lot, is almost unusable!!! How cam I fix this?
  13. Tim

    Second Controller Joystick Settings

    Morning. I have a second controller setup as slave the I1 but the joysticks don't control the gimbal. I can change all the usual camera settings and control the gimbal via the app on the slave but just no control with the joysticks. Can someone point me to the settings which would allow...
  14. Buzzcam

    Tracktenna Compatability

    Hello everyone. Does anyone know if this Tracktenna will be compatible with the stock Inspire 2 controller or do we need to get the new Cendence device which would be less desirable as I just received my second controller. And info would be great.
  15. K

    Dual Master Controller Hoping

    Here's a bit of a left-field question (on the assumption that from memory two controllers can be paired/bound to a single aircraft but not literally connected to the aircraft at the same time): Can you hop between two independently located remotes to regain control of an aircraft when one loses...
  16. D

    Harness for controller?

    Does anyone know of a good harness for an inspire controller? Any experience with the Zero Gravity harness?
  17. marsmock

    Controller FM downgrade Problem

    Sorry I know this has been covered. I just fired up air 2 and controller to downgrade firmware from 1.7.40 to 1.6.0 because we lost joystick control on slave RC. I was on the phone and started the downgrade without turning on I1 or master controller. Now it's been beeping for well over 30 min...
  18. 9

    2nd Controller Camera Operators

    I wanted to get a sense of how folks are setting up their slave controllers for operators. With an external monitor or goggles, are you turning off telemetry? The information is geared for the pilot, but doesn't help the dedicated operator. It would be useful to an operator to see ISO, shutter...
  19. K3vin

    I'm Looking for a black edition remote

    Please reply with price.
  20. Phil Case

    HELP With THE EMS DRONE still Needed!

    Hi to everyone on the forum, also for the warm welcome I have received. As many of you have probably now seen ( if you read my Introduction & Profile ), I am the Developer, Designer and Builder of the Disabled Individuals, Veterans, Ex Services and Others who have Debilitating Health ' EMS DRONE...