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  1. W

    Multiple Inspire 2 ESC errors

    Hey Team I bought an Inspire 2 used and it had carbon fiber folding props and despite doing my usual pre-flight checks, I somehow forgot to fully unfold the props before take-off. I started the engines and before the drone left the ground, one of the props got stuck and the vibration from...
  2. J

    Inspire 2 motor blown off and crashed

    Hello! I was hosting a little game, where people used FPV glasses to get 2D view from above. Drone was standing still on air about 160 feet for about 30 minutes (battery swap also) After the event, i was showing around from above with fpv glasses, i backwarding and raising to 490 feet. And then...
  3. Leonardolb

    Zenmuse X3 rolling beyond horizon line

    Hello guys and gals... I'm with an issue with my Zenmuse X3, as you can see in the videos, it is rolling beyond the limit to align with the horizon. It started with this behavior on the 7th flight after I updated to the last firmware v01.11.01.50 (X3) (followed by all calibrations, IMU, Gimbal...
  4. A

    Inspire 2 / X5S Circular Glitch Pattern on Shots

    Having issues with my Inspire 2. Began shooting this morning and everything was normal for about 20 minutes until I began seeing this circular glitch pattern across the whole image. I checked and it is permanently burned into the clips when downloaded to the computer, so it's not a monitor...
  5. S

    Inspire 1 keeps saying "motor overload" ALL THE FReAKIN TIME

    IDK why, but all the time my inspire says the motors are overloaded, and I dont fly high speed at all, only mellow flight for the cinematic shots! even when I just took off, I start to ascend it and it goes onle 2m/s all the time, nothing more than that! It really seems like piloting a bus. I...
  6. Rothphoto

    Licenses not working

    Resolved :)
  7. Yiannis.B

    Intelligent flight batteries, are really stupid

    Received my new Inspire 1 V2 during the weekend, only to find out that the battrey was dead. I did all the tricks trying to make it work with no success. 1. Measured charger output voltage, and it is O.K. 2. Removed the white cup and measured directly to the cells = 0,8 Vdc. 3. Removed...
  8. I

    Inspire 1 Pro Firmware Nightmare v. & Craft crash

    So After the 1.9 firmware upgrade, all was ok, had a warning about sensor, and it rose once, but landed ok. I changed battery, it shot the job ok. That was last week. Until this morning. Weather has been shocking. Great day today, so got up early, check the craft software etc. Checked the IMU...
  9. J

    Inspire 1 drifting issue and battery problem

    I have a couple of problems with my inspire 1. I have done a compass calibration and an IMU calibration, as well as an RC calibration. I noticed that when flying forward with the inspire it doesn't make a straight line. It seems to drift one way or another. Is this normal? Why would it do...
  10. T

    X5 No Signal error help please!

    Hi! Newbie here (to inspires). Ok I've got an odd situation. Got my inspire pro used as a gift about 6 weeks ago. It's been perfect until I did the most recent firmware update (abt 2 weeks ago) with success and did all 4 of my batteries. A few days later I got a no signal error after several...
  11. 3dPico

    Is a GPS satelite error a problem

    I heard this and then found it referenced on an article here: Satellite failure caused global GPS timing anomaly Would this be a potential concern? I imagine it would throw an Inspire 1 into a serious toilet bowl effect like conflict where the compass and the GPS are at odds. Am I over...
  12. RKDauph

    TB48 malfunction

    This battery came new and only showed 3 lights when 'fully' charged. DJI Pilot app showed it at 100%. After 3rd test flight in an attempt to reset it. This happened when I pressed it to test it out of the airframe, I wasn't trying to turn it on. I am returning it. The seller will make it right...
  13. MrDrone

    TB47 DOA

    New TB47 battery upon opened it was a bit warm. I did not think anything wrong as they sometimes are a bit warm on discharge.. Tried to plug to charger and it does not charge. Just one lED blinks twice and then goes off. Charger works with all other TB47/8's.. I will send back to retailer but...
  14. S

    Only 3 Battery LEDs lighting up.

    Hi All, Just returned from a flight and recharging the batteries, one of them when I press the red button, no LEDs light up, this registered as an anomaly, but I plugged it in the charger and it started charging from the 2nd LED up... LED 1 was not lighting up?! Had a quick chat with DJI and...
  15. A

    TOP 10 common pilot errors

    We found out many RMA cases we have worked on in DJI was caused by pilot’s error Analyzing the flight data or so called black-boxes we listed top 10 as below, and you may find detailed info for each point from the page DJI Forum|TOP 10 common pilot errors 1. CSC in the mid-air (Combination...
  16. RakuRay

    Ultrasonic systems error

    Upgraded today and the new go app is nice. On third flight I am getting ultrasonic systems error, please land as soon as possible. Anyone seen this one?