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  1. howard rockliffe

    Can't update Inspire X5

    I've been going round in circles with this one. I've done regular updates over the past two years with the Inspire X3 and X5, but for some reason I can't update the I1 X5. It simply won't start updating on startup. Has anyone else experienced this?
  2. J

    Help needed connecting new remote to aircraft

    Hello all, new to the forum and have a question for more practiced hands. Old remote my inspire 1 went bad, usb port was the culprit. Craft was purchased in February of 2015, have never updated the firmware. I have used it pretty infrequently since purchased, with no issues at all. I went...
  3. Donnie Frank

    Brand new DJI Inspire "Lead Me" mode...

    Hey guys; ANY drone can "follow" you. Inspire finally released beta firmware to select beta testers that unleashes the power of the Prescient CPU™. Here's my review. Let me know what you think. D
  4. J

    Drive stuck in flight mode, no firmware update

    our DJI inspire 1 is stuck in flight mode - the blue indicator light is on and when we connect it to the RCs it gives us the option to switch into travel mode - when we click it is says it switches but the drone remains in flight mode. There is no response from the RCs to get the drone to fly...
  5. A

    X5 to X5R upgrade - rollback or update?

    Hi community, been using this forum for months and this is the first time I've had a question that hasn't already been answered (correct me if I'm wrong guys) I've just upgraded to the X5R from the X5, I have all the up to date firmware installed on the aircraft and FC. I was just wondering...
  6. RuneWold

    Inspire Pro x5r firmware problem

    Hi I was to update my Inspire Raw tonight and did all as before and was to update the Inspire first. After some time it terminated. I downloaded again but it want update it seems like... Just before I gave up I checked the .txt file and it said "installing" but there was no sound as it...
  7. A

    Firmware compilation

    Hi all, Not sure if you have noticed but each new x5 firmware changes the characteristics of the camera, Some are improvements some are not. I have been researching peoples opinions on each firmware and have found it hard going. So I would like to use this post for people to give the version...
  8. Scotflieger

    New FW Issued 7 Apr 16

    The following has been released and available of the DJI.com website: Inspire 1 Pro & Inspire 1 2016.04.07 1. Firmware upgraded to v1.8.1.00 2. DJI GO Android upgraded to v2.7.2 Major Updates 1. Improved encryption to enhance security during transmission. Both the aircraft...
  9. A

    2015 Flight Log and New Movie Templates in DJI Go

    Compare total your flight distance and how you rank among DJI flyers all over the world. Got a summary for what you've done in the year of 2015, tried it yet? That makes a difference DJI Forum|Try new "2016,I will.." movie templates. Update DJI GO now!
  10. J

    Firmware Issue: Red Updates in the status bar.

    Hi, I've spent hours searching and I have so far come up with no resolution. I unboxed my brand new Inspire 1 and proceeded to set up with the Go App, apparently the only way I can update the firmware for my aircraft. I went to the first on the list and updated the RC to the latest firmware...
  11. S

    How to update to X5 cam correctly?

    Hi, I have flown my I1 since february with X3 without issues. I am on the latest I1 (non-pro) fw v. Now I bought the X5 and have a question about how to proper update it . I will continue to use both X3 and X5 cams on the I1 (non-pro). Which fw should I install now? I have seen so...
  12. Sewon Son

    Did the FW 1.5.03 Fix the batt problem?

    I know it's only been a few days but would like to ask you guys. How many of you guys updated to the newest firmware (FW If you have, do you think this fixed the recent battery problem? Dropping the voltage 80% -7% or whatever? I have updated mine and fully charged from around 60%...
  13. A

    Firmware updated for Inspire 1 (V1.5.0.30), battery level fluctuation issue finally solved!!

    As you see for the first point, which has caused many many many crashes.. 1. Fixed battery level fluctuation issue. 2. The X3 gimbal on the Inspire 1 is now compatible with the Osmo. Note that you must attach X3 gimbal to the Inspire 1 before updating the firmware. Do not attach X3 gimbal to...
  14. A

    zenmuse-x5s firmware updated v1.1.0.40 24th Novemeber 2015

    Zenmuse X5 Series - Downloads - Manuals, Software, Drivers download | DJI Major Updates: 1.Updated list of compatible lenses: Olympus 25mm/f1.8, 45mm/f1.8 and 14-42/f3.5-5.6. 2.Increased the output bit-width of the sensor from 10bit to 12bit for 4kP30/25/24, 2.7KP30/25/24 and 1080P30/25/24...
  15. A

    OSMO Firmware v1.2.1.60 Updated

    Link for Firmware: Osmo - Downloads - Manuals, Software, Drivers download | DJI Link for Q&A Thread: DJI Forum|New Osmo firmware v1.2.1.60-Support and Questions thread :)
  16. A

    OSMO Firmware v1.2.1.60 Updated

    Link for Firmware: Osmo - Downloads - Manuals, Software, Drivers download | DJI Link for Q&A Thread: DJI Forum|New Osmo firmware v1.2.1.60-Support and Questions thread :)
  17. P

    Firmware / App update confusion! Help

    Hi, I am so confused. I am running ISO 8 on an I Pad 2 mini, using Go app version 2.3. with firmware version 1.3 I have resisted updating to ISO 9 and the latest GO app version because of instabilities in the app with ISO 9 as detailed on the DJI forum. Using this set up I had zero problems...
  18. J

    Inspire 1 with X5 which Firmware

    Just got my X5 camera and installed it on I1. Do I need to do firmware update? If so, which one? Before I installed X5 I had the firmware from Sept 7. I looked in the forum and only saw questions and answers regarding firmware for Inspire 1 Pro with X5. Apologies if this question...
  19. A

    Updated Osmo quick start guide and new firmware

    OSMO Quick Start Guide v1.0 updated yesterday, so did DJI Go updated and supportd Osmo now Osmo - Downloads - Manuals, Software, Drivers download | DJI DJI Osmo – Reimagine Movement | DJI
  20. B

    Firmware Bug Safety Issue - (Ver 1.04 and earlier)

    When using the dual controls I have found that the camera operator using the slave controller is able to select "take off" from the screen. It doesn't always do it. It seems if you go into the controller settings and reselect slave mode then go back to the main screen, the slave controller can...