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  1. casein

    Firmware V01.02.0600

    Hello, I recently updated to the latest firmware V01.02.0600 and now having issues flying into the wind. I recieve this message "Battery power limit will automatically reduce the aircraft's mobility to ensure flight safety." This causes the drone to slow down significantly and in some cases...
  2. H

    Can't update RC FW from 01.01.0060 to 01.01.0080

    Hi guys, Did a quick search before posting, didn't find anything so hopefully it's not a repost. I just updated Inspire 2 aircraft FW to 01.02.0500 last night. Afterwards I tried multiple times to update the remote controller (stock, not Cendence) FW but wasn't successful. Before the update the...
  3. S

    Rollback CrystalSky? Pro Res won't work after CrystalSky update

    Hi, I'm having an issue with my Inspire 2. My crystalsky monitor auto updated the DJI Go apps, and now the crystalsky won't see my Pro Res license. My old Ipad mini still has the same old software, and the Pro Res license works when I use that. Is there a way to delete the DJI Go 4 App with a...
  4. K

    No Limit Dronesz

    Hey guys, ( the NDL pretends having develloped a software which is capabale to overturn the limits determined by DJI thru the assistent and DJI Go and to adjust new parameters) I thought it might be a good idea to check out the NLD . 24 $ is not that much but a little risc of bricking the...
  5. A

    Help! Inspire 1 stuck at v1.2

    This is a video showing my problem, description below Hello fellow Inspire 1 junkies!! I’ve been reading posts on this forum for about a week now trying to correct an issue on my I1, but I’ve finally reached the point where I need to humbly ask for help. My original problem was no image...
  6. Keule

    New Cendence firmware (April 18, 2018)

  7. Keule

    New Inspire 2 firmware (April 18, 2018)

    Overview Date: 2018.04.18 Aircraft Firmware: V01.02.0100 Remote Controller Firmware: V01.01.0010 DJI GO 4 app: iOS V 4.2.12 or above, Android V 4.2.12 or above What's New? Added support for adjusting the maximum velocity of aircraft’s real-time pitch/roll, orientation, and throttle with the...
  8. K

    Problems With Inspire 1 v1 upgrading to X5. Firmware bug?

    Hey. Just purchased the Zenmuse X5 camera used. The camera shows firmware and the aircraft shows version, but the camera will not take the update version via SD card to link the AI and the Camera so it will become an "Inspire PRO".. I put the SD card in the...
  9. R

    I2 Firmware 0300 any issues????

    Hi, I still not upgrade my i2 to the latest .0300 firmware ... No issues out there in combination with X5S ? Thx Rik
  10. D

    Using X5S and X7 in the same aircraft

    Good night all. I'm having issues using the X5s and the X7 on the Inspire 2. I always keep the AC + RC's on the latest official firmware version. Today i was using the x5s with the 14-42mm lens and a message popped on screen "Lens Disconnected", rebooted the aircraft and i was able to continue...
  11. V

    CrystalSky roll back firmware

    I recently updated CS and RC. Now, sometimes, they cannot connect. CS thinks that RC is computer and give me USB message .. I think that firmware of CrystalSky is problem. On DJI forum nothing concrete....obvious, until new firmware, I will have problem.
  12. Keule

    New Inspire 2 firmware (November 13, 2017)

    Overview Date: 2017.11.13 Aircraft Firmware: V01.01.0200 Remote Controller Firmware: V01.01.0002 DJI GO 4 app: iOS V 4.1.14 or above, Android V 4.1.14 or above What’s New Added support for the Zenmuse X7 gimbal and camera. CineCore 2.1 now features an updated camera processing system, which...
  13. Keule

    New Crystal Sky firmware with GO 3.1.18 and GO4 4.1.14

    ALCON: Overview Date:2017.11.09 CrystalSky Firmware: V02.04.02.00 DJI GO 3 App: V 3.1.18 DJI GO 4 App: V 4.1.14 DJI Pilot Beta: V 0.3.6 What’s New Added Data Transmission on the Quick Settings page to support downloading photos and videos from CrystalSky to your mobile device (DJI GO 4...
  14. mauimike

    SD Card Format Timeout?

    Trying to format an SD Card. Getting "SD Card Format Timeout". I have no idea what that means. In the process of updating the firmware. Having problem every step of the way. Hoping someone can help me out.
  15. R

    Seeking opinions on firmware versions

    Hi Guys, I'm making a seriously modified Inspire 1 for risky work, basically the jobs that don't merit risking an Inspire 2, over water, rough terrain etc. One reason I'm doing this also is because I was on job last week and every second flight I got hit with distance limits - this whilst...
  16. W

    Hello from Wyoming!

    I joined the forum months ago but haven't looked at it or used it until now. Hopefully I'll make up for lost time! BTW, has anybody noticed problems with the video feed to the tablet in the new F/W update ( My feed went from great to terrible in one quick step.
  17. R

    IMU and Compass Calibration-How Often?

    I have been in a few forums where I spoke about recalibrating the IMU after a firmware upgrade as I was told to do by someone at DJI. I was told by virtually everyone in the Mavic forum that that was terrible advice and that I should never recalibrate unless the app tells me too. I also...
  18. Y

    DJI's Latest Firmware/DJIGo Update Announcement

    DJI Updates Process For Activating Software And Firmware Updates DJI just announced another firmware update and DJIGo update that seems like it will end up being a pain in the *** for those of us that use the Inspire for work. Considering just leaving well enough alone and never upgrading my...
  19. B

    Firmware versions

    I am trying to update my AC, however, it wont initialize and start the update. Read through the forums none of the tips seems to be working. I wanted to try and just fly using an old firmware, but was wondering what RC and AC works best together? My AC and Camera shows 1.2 my RC shows 1.5 and...
  20. wayneooi

    Upgrade Failed V01.10.01.40

    I am trying to upgrade my aircraft to latest version, however, DJI Go showing ".bin file corrupted" and unable to upgrade. Anyone of you facing the same issue? p/s I'd tried to re download several times from DJI website, but still encountered the same issue.