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  1. T

    Gimbal + gimbal mode issues

    Hello everyone, The last (2) days I've been having issues with the gimbal on my Inspire 2. First it is changing from follow to free mode constantly & I've had to reset the gimbal various times during flying. Another issue, is the gimbal is moving on its own to reach max yaw. Lastly, one time...
  2. Marketal

    Gimbal Gyroscope Error

    Hi, Further to my earlier post on "No Image Transmission Signal - Gimbal OK" I received the camera back from DJI. Now on FW I followed Donnie Franks magic Key and it's now saying it is on FW All well and good, see photo... However, the Gimbal is Limp, The drone fires...
  3. Flippigan

    Anyone Bought the Polorpro Katana for I2 and used it for I1?

    Has anybody used the Polorpro Katana I2 version, with an Inspire 1? If so I would love to know if it worked right out of the box, or was some retrofitting needed? Any info would be appreciated
  4. thePhotoQ

    Godox Strobe mounted to I2

    Hello, hopefully my first post is a good one. I work with a photographer who’s very interested in getting lights airborne Recently stumbled across this video, and am dying to know if that gimbal mount adapter is an available piece or if you think they just made it themselves. Godox...
  5. D

    M600 w/ Sony A7R

    Is anyone using the M600Pro with the Sony A7R? I'm interested to learn what gimbal people are using. I've heard the Ronin MX requires adding extra weight and can be tricky to balance properly in order to produce smooth video with the smaller cameras like the A7.
  6. TransArctic

    DJI GO not connecting Inspire 1, when using a particular TB48 battery.

    When using one of my TB48 batteries, DJIGO app won’t connect with the Inspire 1. When this happens, I remove, inspect and put the gimbal back on - making sure it’s all very clean, etc., then restart the Inspire 1- but to no avail. However when I replace the battery (in question) with another...
  7. T

    Inspire 1 V2 Pro camera/gimbal options

    Hello all, I'm certain that this question has been answered before, but a search has not produced the results I'm looking for. I've just acquired an I1 V2 Pro that was originally equipped with an X5 camera/gimbal and Olympus lens. Right now the socket is empty. My question, besides the very...
  8. B

    Vue and Inspire 1 Gimbal

    I need a resource for a plug and play gimbal for my Inspire 1 and soon to be purchased Vue Pro. Any recommendations? I want to use my DJI slave controller for the Vue. The Tarot 3 looks like it will work but I need plug and play without having to modify the unit. I can also buy a different...
  9. S

    Used DJI X5S w/ Lens Package

    Selling a used DJI X5S package with lens package: Olympus 12mm f/2 DJI 15mm f/1.7 Olympus 25mm f/1.8 Olympus 45mm f/1.8 Balancing/step up ring for the Olympus 45mm to match lens diameter of other lenses and PolarPro filters Balancing ring and lens hood for DJI 15mm Travel Case Selling for...
  10. Linuxglobal

    HOW TO: Calibrate Zenmuse X3 gimbal - guide

    Hi Guys, A little summary from my weekend, decided to craft up a how to guide on fixing your crashed or out of sync gimbals. If you guys have a gimbal that will not power up or acts up, this how to may help you. MODS please move to appropriate area if this discussion is in the wrong place...
  11. Roconnor

    Question on Advanced Settings for X5S

    After reading the manual I cannot find any explanation of advanced settings for +EXP, Smoothness, Pitch/Yaw speeds etc. Is there an article on this? I spent about an hour looking for this info and cant find it. I'm also looking for recommended gimbal settings for speeds to give a "cinema like"...
  12. J

    Universal Gimbal for Inspire 1 v2.0

    Hi, I'm researching some universal gimbals compatible with the Inspire 1 v2.0, specifically to mount FLIR Duo Pro R or WIRIS type cameras. Any suggestions? The best one so far seems to be the Gremsy series. Thanks in advance
  13. R

    Balancing the Olympus 9mm- 18mm?

    So I am looking for advice. I bought the rear balancing wieght ring works for tilt balance, but only if I add 2 quarters taped to the back which balances perfectly, but then the tilt is still very off. I have found that 2 additional quarters gaffer taped to the gimbal motors is the perfect...
  14. U

    Video not working on gimbals. Inspire 2 HELP!!!

    I have inspire 2 with both the X7 and X5s. It was working great but then I updated the firmware to the latest and now when I try to switch to video mode the image cuts to black and white and it freezes up. The drone can fly fine and the gimbal is able to move but the image is frozen and I don’t...
  15. P

    Inspire 1 PARTS !

    Help me get rid of this stuff. Shoot me offers in USD left and right complete arm assemblies- I have multiples 90$ I also have several arm tubes the long straight piece the motors actually mount to for sale 50$ compass' etc, lemme know what you need, I'm sure I have it. also, have an x3...
  16. R

    x5s Gimbal Occasionaly Creeps Right

    I was doing some indoor studio testing to review some settings. Basically the I2 was on a table top. I have noticed this before, but was hopping that the new firmware update would fix it (it didn't) that every once and a while the camera will slowly begin panning to the right. It eventually...
  17. H

    X5 Gimbal Disconnected mid flight

    Hi, we use and inspire 1 pro at work and whilst out with it the other day the gimbal kept 'disconnecting' mid-flight, the inverted commas are because we still got a view through to both me (the pilot) and the camera operator and he could also still control the direction of the camera with the...
  18. P

    matrice100 crashed

    Hi, My Matrice 100 crashed today badly, and lost his Motor3 (broken). Apart from that, his gimbal's carbon rod broke into 2. Later, when I tested it Gimbal seems to be moving as per the instructions. I could see the sensor working. I want to fix that gimbal. Do you have any suggestions of how...
  19. Jlove322

    Tips for Buying Used Ronin

    My company needs to by a gimbal to fly our new Sony FS7 and are looking for one a used full-sized Ronin. We simply cannot afford a new one, even if you can still find one of the version 1's out there, and certainly will not be able to afford a version 2 when it becomes available. What should we...
  20. R

    Wanted X3 GImbal Parts

    After an eventful few years we have a ew x3 Gimbals that require small repairs I have seen a few people selling parts before but cant find them Looking for Arms and Ribbons does anyone know websites out there Thank you in advance