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  1. T

    X5 No Signal error help please!

    Hi! Newbie here (to inspires). Ok I've got an odd situation. Got my inspire pro used as a gift about 6 weeks ago. It's been perfect until I did the most recent firmware update (abt 2 weeks ago) with success and did all 4 of my batteries. A few days later I got a no signal error after several...
  2. S

    X5R - Gain & expo tuning settings.

    Hi! I just updated my Inspire 1 X3 to X5R. When I fly with the drone, it is extremely sensitive in the gimbal. I would be super happy if someone wants to share some information about this. What Gain & expo tuning shall i have? As well , anyone else who has the same problem as me? The...
  3. K

    It doesn't recognize gimbal.

    Hi, I got problem, my dji inspire 1 after firmware Update doesn't put wings up and the gimbal doesn't stabilize. Please help me i got big problem with it.
  4. M

    Does the Inspire record gimbal metadata?

    I am trying to do some position calculations based off images collected by my inspire and they require the angle the camera was tilted at and the direction it was facing at the time the photo was taken. I would have thought that considering the fact that the gimbal is stabilized, that this...
  5. J

    Crashed Copter - Urgent help required

    Hi all, I recently had a crash with my copter and am seeking urgent help. It went down via a falling branch in the rain forest and resulted in the gimbal snapping clean off right at end of what was probably my best shot of the project and also the last of the day. Attached are photos off the...
  6. MacDyver

    Seeking X5 Gimbal repair not replacement!

    So while filming n.o.e. at high speed to give the illusion of a vehicle moving quickly I clipped a palm tree, yes pilot error. Afterward the gimbal would only shake like an alcoholic with epilepsy, no outward signs of damage but I could now feel friction in gimbal rotation, Scorpion Drones in...
  7. D

    Inspire X5 gimbal bent

    My X5 gimbal got bent as showed in the pic (didn't realize it, turned it on again and the gimbal worked normal, just got orientated to the side app showing evrything normal), seems like the plastic protection of the gimbal engine is somehow misplaced but I couldn't figure it out without...
  8. A

    DJI Osmo Vs. Filmpower Roxor

    DJI Forum|DJI Osmo Vs. Filmpower Roxor
  9. A

    Updated Osmo quick start guide and new firmware

    OSMO Quick Start Guide v1.0 updated yesterday, so did DJI Go updated and supportd Osmo now Osmo - Downloads - Manuals, Software, Drivers download | DJI DJI Osmo – Reimagine Movement | DJI
  10. A

    Not sure to buy a Hero 4 Black or Osmo..

    Worrying about the durability of Osmo's first version.. and it's not appropriate for some occasions like x-sport, how may I take out an extra hand to hold it..and seems accessories can only fit some of the occasions..but I'm bit scared to take it with bikes while riding in terrible places...
  11. A

    Gimbal Noise

    It seems that the sound of the motor will also be recorded when using Osmo..people talking about this DJI Forum|Gimbal Sound ?? May need an external mic if want audio with high quality
  12. Flewent

    WTB X3 gimbal camera shell (white part)

    I am looking to buy a crashed X3 gimbal or just the white X3 gimbal camera shell. My main goal is to track down one of those and unlike the rest of the replacement parts DJI is selling they do not sell this just yet. I have not attempted to contact them to see if they would entertain that idea...
  13. U

    WTF Gimbal and Camera (OSMO)

    Okay is it me or am I being slow ..... (Again). Buy Osmo Gimbal and Camera | DJI Store The specs on this seem higher than the inspire 1 camera? I'm not imagining this am I? But the price is lower?
  14. A

    Finally Osmo without Camera!

    Got the news that DJI finally released Osmo accessories Gimbal and camera seperated as two goods: Buy Osmo & Accessories | DJI Store
  15. dronie

    Gimbal to be announced on Thursday...

    Pretty good change this is it:
  16. I

    New Modified Inspire X3 camera / interchangeable lens

    NOW SOLD At great expense I bought an X3 camera / gimbal that has been modified by Ragecams. It has the original lens removed and the m12 thread mount inside has been fitted so that you can fit a lot of different lenses, namely the 5.4mm lens that has zero distortion or fisheye at any angle and...
  17. Stinkys

    Firmware v1.04.00.10 update - gimbal pitch control lost

    Hi everyone o/ I have just updated my bird and 4 batteries to v1.04.00.10 and now gimbal pitch control is gone from the master remote and slave tx's. The pitch control on the app is grayed out/disabled. Update file reports all good. Now I have only had this bird (in the air) for a little over...