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go app

  1. Keule

    GO app 3.1.24 - Jan 15, 2018

    DJI had an update for us ...
  2. R

    Retrieve Flight Records and Retroactively Create Flight Logs?

    So, I have been flying for many years since before "GoApps", etc. But, I have only been a 107 Pilot for 6 months. Now that I understand the FAA importance of keeping accurate flight records I have been doing this meticulously ever since. What I would like to do is somehow utilize the historical...
  3. P

    Missing flight data

    I'm testing both Litchi and Autopilot at the moment. As a result I am now getting only occasional flight records in the Go app when I conduct flights with Go. for flights with Litchi and Autopilot I can recover flight details from Airdata.com. My paper records at the time of each flight are...
  4. We Talk UAV

    DJI Smart TV App-You knew It was Coming.

    Samsung and Apple TV, you have a new friend. DJI Technologies announced on Monday the development of a new Smart TV app. This is going to be one way to share new work as well as see videos on high definition. "We've made flying and capturing aerial footage easy with our drones, and now with...
  5. ReesAerials

    Waypoint Mode

    I remember seeing a video that detailed the Inspire 2's waypoint mode. Specifically of interest to me was the ability to program a thorough flight from the ground and then go fly it. Is there anyone in the know about when DJI is going to enable this feature on our DJI Go 4 app? It is...
  6. dev_willis

    How to use Map View in GO app?

    Hi! I would like to set a point in map view and have the camera always look at that point. Is it possible? I would also like to set waypoints in map view. Is that possible? TIA! Dave
  7. S

    Pilot Logs

    I was wondering if anyone knows how to edit pilot logs in the GO App. I flew a borrowed inspire for a shoot and the registered owner is listed in my pilots logs as having flown the sortie. This coupled with the fact I have had 3 inspires makes the pilot logs a mess. On one hand it's convenient...
  8. Scotflieger

    New iOS GO App 2.8.4 available ( 6 Jul 16)

    The latest version of the iOS GO app 2.8.4 is now available on the Apple App Store. It supports the new GEO System with the recently released FW The release notes say: 1. Added support for Ronin-MX and M600. 2. Introduced the GEO system for improved flight safety (currently...
  9. lake_flyer

    Using Go and Litchi or Autopilot side by side (at the same time)

    After experimenting a bit with Google Cardboard VR I realised that Litchi has a Cardboard VR mode, so you can have an immersive FPV experience, using a cheap Cardboad type of goggles in combination with your phone. Litchi however, doesn't have the option to use dual remotes (not that I'm aware...
  10. Scotflieger

    And another version 2.8.0 of GO App (25 Apr 16)

    DJI Go version 2.8.0 is now available on iOS! Here's what's new: - Added support for Matrice 600. - Added support for Osmo RAW. - Added support for A3 Flight Controller System. - Optimized CPU usage and power consumption. It also reportedly foxes the flight summary errors. Max takeoff altitude...
  11. C

    Camera Problem

    When flying yesterday and again today, half way through the flight the camera stopped responding. The button appeared greyed out and the camera data on the screen alternated between being there and saying N/A. I provide a link to a video that shows what was happening on the screen. Any advice on...
  12. Scotflieger

    New iOS GO App 2.7.2 released (15 Apr 16)

    DJI has released a new version of the GO app 2.7.2 via the Apple App Store. This has a redesigned user interface 'for easier controls and a nicer look' and an overhauled flight records system 'making every flight count'. The first has moved the dialog boxes to the right of the screen and hides...
  13. Scotflieger

    iOS GO App 2.6.0 Released - 2 Feb 16

    DJI has released the iOS GO app 2.6.0 on the Apple App Store to support the Zenmuse X5R.
  14. D

    Final and detailed guide on X5 "lens calibration"

    In common with many Inspire 1 pilots, I have been confused for a long time by the idea of lens calibration. I didn’t have a clue what it meant, why I needed to do it, and how to do it reliably. So I decided to investigate and test – and here is what I found…. Firstly, a “lens calibration” is a...
  15. J

    Firmware Issue: Red Updates in the status bar.

    Hi, I've spent hours searching and I have so far come up with no resolution. I unboxed my brand new Inspire 1 and proceeded to set up with the Go App, apparently the only way I can update the firmware for my aircraft. I went to the first on the list and updated the RC to the latest firmware...
  16. dronie

    GO App, ver. 2.4.2 now available - 25. november 2015

    Go get it: DJI GO i App Store Fixed issue of some users not being able to log into their account
  17. P

    Firmware / App update confusion! Help

    Hi, I am so confused. I am running ISO 8 on an I Pad 2 mini, using Go app version 2.3. with firmware version 1.3 I have resisted updating to ISO 9 and the latest GO app version because of instabilities in the app with ISO 9 as detailed on the DJI forum. Using this set up I had zero problems...
  18. dronie

    Settings for Gain/Expo/Pitch EXP etc. Do you know what it all means?

    Do you know what ALL your Gain &Expo Tuning/Pitch EXP and Throttle settings does? I sure don't. But I would love to know! Some of them I can't notice a difference, some I can. I numbered all the settings in this one pic. Please respond what a NUMBER does - IF you know. Please don't make it a...