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Using Go and Litchi or Autopilot side by side (at the same time)

Jul 17, 2014
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After experimenting a bit with Google Cardboard VR I realised that Litchi has a Cardboard VR mode, so you can have an immersive FPV experience, using a cheap Cardboad type of goggles in combination with your phone. Litchi however, doesn't have the option to use dual remotes (not that I'm aware anyhow). To fly with these goggles is not to be advised. I always keep VLOS. But for a cameraman or customer, it would be nice to hand him the second (or third) remote, with Litchi on the phone and VR goggles with (head tracking even).

I never expected it to work but still I tried:

Fired up GO on the ipad mini2 with the main remote
Started Litchi on the Galaxy Alpha on the second remote.

To my surprise, Litchi worked as a gimbal operator, just as in GO.
When I hit the Cardboard icon I indeed got the stereo view in the goggles, which is awesome.
Even the head tracking was working perfectly.

I had some problems with the usb connection on the second remote, but I assume it is a bad cable, not sure if it is related to Litchi/Go combination. I will try with different cables.

I think this is a very, very nice feature for my camera operator. Once I can trust it to be fully functional.
And as I just found out, Autopilot on the master works fine with android GO on the slave. switching between iOS GO and Autopiloton vise versa on the master also works.

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