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landing gear

  1. E

    Inspire 1 landing gear issues

    Hi, I recently purchased a crashed inspire 1, when I got it I noticed that the whole frame was warped and it struggled with lifting / lowering the landing gear (it also won't stop when it hit the travel limit of the screw). I could rock it sideways with some of the feet being lifted up to about...
  2. G

    Landing gear issue...wtf?

    Hi Landing gear in one of my Inspire 1 stucks. Nothing is happening, it's only buzzing It doesn't go in any direction. The strange thing is that when the app says "landing gear lowering" it's trying to raise and when the aplication says "landing gear raising" it's trying to go down (but still...
  3. Z

    Reassign landing gear to another button?

    Does anyone know if it's possible to assign C1 or C2 (or any other button) to toggle the landing gear up/down? I'm planning to use the Stork payload delivery system, but I don't like the idea of having to toggle the switch 4 times to activate the landing gear. Would love to just assign that...
  4. GFields

    Help! Two Major Issues with my Inspire 2

    I am having two major issues with my Inspire 2. 1. The landing gear will not raise. Regardless of what I have tried I cannot not get them to raise. I have read hundreds of articles like this one, but nothing works. I have reset firmware back to factory and reupdated - nothing works. I have...
  5. T

    Landing gear issue

    Hi! Ok so yesterday I try my Inspire 2 for the first time, cold weather probably -15c to -20c, within the operating bracket. On the second takeoff I notice that the landing gear is unequalling going up and down, I try it a few times and eventually it stops working all together. Its stuck...
  6. D

    Buzzing, landing gear, camera no pic

    I Hey everybody. I have an emergency. I am on a shoot with several issues. 1. No video image from camera is being displayed on iPads. 2. LOUD buzzing noise in cone. 3. Landing gear will not lower or raise. Landing gear is stuck in Landing mode and will not raise for flight. Also, I can tell I1...
  7. A

    Landing gear won't auto deploy

    For some reason my Inspire one will not lower the landing gear without using the RC Manual switch. It retracts automatically on takeoff, just not on landing. Any ideas on why this might be happening? Thanks.
  8. Zip-Rush

    Toggle Switch / Manual Landing Gear

    Hi all, My landing gear goes up and down automatically, no problem there... But if I try to control it manually, it won't work... Just as if the toggle switch is dead. Even on the table, nothing. I have to enter travel mode through the app all the time. I reinstalled the firmware on the RC...
  9. J

    Inspire 1 v1 - Parts Parts Parts

    After conducting a memorial service and wiping away the tears, I've parted out my Inspire 1. I am selling the parts here in hopes that they will help another stay aloft. Sadly I had a crash that left me with a bent frame and a broken arm. Hopefully this will be to your benefit. Below is the...
  10. DesertWindAero

    Travel mode, gear not locked

    The last time I flew, I noticed when placing the Inspire into the case that the travel mode was not locked...I could physically move the gear down, then back up to the landing mode configuration. I powered everything back up, flicked it out of then back into travel mode, checked, and still was...