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  1. A

    Prop cages and mapping software with cendence

    Hi Everybody - Has anyone found a product that can be used with the 200 series such as prop cages or bumpers of some sort? Just thought it would be nice to have when doing bridge inspection God forbid we accidentally do have something happen and bump into a box beam or something. Also - we're...
  2. Airscope


    Sensefly Refurbished - Low Hours - Like New! $9950.00 US See operation and features -> Includes: 1 Sensefly Albris 5 Batteries (Latest Version) 2 Battery Chargers 2 Controllers 1 USB Radio Modem 2 USB Radio Modem Cables 5 Legs 2 Prop Shrouds 8 Emotion 3 Propellers 20 Emotion X...
  3. SilkyMilky

    USA Experience flying in DJI "Restricted Zone"?

    Hello, I fly commercially in the US, and was looking to see if anyone has flown in a DJI Geo-Zone "Restricted Zone". These zones are shown in red on this map DJI - The World Leader in Camera Drones/Quadcopters for Aerial Photography. They require special unlocking from DJI to fly there. I...
  4. T

    Camera/Software Compatability

    Forgive me as I'm new to the platform. I am trying to find a straight answer as to the capability of a drone, camera, flight planning, and photo stitching software. My team and I trying to create drone maps however we are undecided as to which camera will work for our purposes. For this reason...
  5. C

    Mapping with Inspire 2 RAW + X5S + CineSSD

    Hi! I work doing aerial mapping of agriculture fields and I would like to have opinions/feedback/experience on flying with the Inspire 2 with this purpose. We have been using custom made drones for a while, with high-quality cameras (Sony a6000 and the like), but decided to move to comercial...
  6. R

    I2 GSP PhotoMap won't complete compositing - GSP crashes

    Completed a GSP flight set up in PhotoMap and captured 159 photos. I tried to create a map, choosing each of the three options; All (159 pix) and High (85) returned a red pix#, Mid (47) yellow and and Low (34) green. In each case including the Low option, the map processing gets to about 50%...
  7. T


    Hello, I am doing some research regarding thermomapping. I was wondering if anyone had any experience making thermomaps. If so, what drone/sensor combination are you using? what software have you used to stitch images? what altitudes have you flown at? thanks!
  8. Z

    Mapping and Volumes by drone

    I am currently using Drone Deploy to do volume calculations and I have looked into Pix4d, Site scan by 3dr, and Propeller Aero. I was curious if anyone knows of other services either cloud based or desktop based that they like. Drone Deploy seems to be hit or miss for volumes. I have had to go...
  9. SilkyMilky

    X5R for photogrammetry work

    Hello, Some context for the following. We're in the process of starting a new UAV photogrammetry group to compliment our survey group at a smaller engineering firm in the states. The equipment we have was purchased prior to me and my colleague being hired, so we had no say in the current setup...
  10. D

    Mapping Accuracy with IP

    Hi Everyone, I have an Inspire Pro and have some drone mapping questions, if you wouldn't mind answering. 1) If I were to map out an area with my IP, what would the accuracy be within (without GC or RTK)? 2) Would flying lower or higher improve measurement accuracy? 3) Would different focal...
  11. R

    Inspections, mapping - 9mm or 13mm lens?

    Hi guys, Im going to buy XT 640 Radiometric 30 HZ. The main purpose will be inspections for PV panels, powerlines etc. (can´t wait to try it with the new M200 btw). Normally I would probably go with 13 mm lens as kind of "do it all". But as I learned that mapping is sort of tricky with XT due...
  12. A

    X4 for Mapping/Orthophotography

    Has anyone tested the X4 for mapping/orthophoto creation yet?
  13. dronie

    First Impressions (not a review) > DJI GROUND STATION PRO app

    First Impressions (not a review) > DJI GROUND STATION PRO app So DJI released and updated GS Pro app which enables you to create WayPoint Routes (without flying them first), Virtual Fence and 3D Map Area. I have no practical use for "Virtual Fence" where you can setup an area in which the...
  14. D

    DJI XT Thermal Mapping programs

    I am currently having issues using pix4d with my DJI XT 336x256. Does anyone have tips on what image properties need to be changed for this to work? It only seems to recognize the XT high res camera. Also, if anyone has any suggestions about other stitching software. Drone deploy is still in...
  15. R

    Large mapping job with Inspire?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has done fairly large mapping with Inspire? I got an offer to do 1200 ha for barn beetle monitoring... Currently I only have Inspire 1 Pro. For mapping I mostly use Oly 12mm with MapPilot and MapsMadeEasy processing. And for smaller jobs it has been very reliable...
  16. D

    DJI XT camera and mapping apps

    I am using the DJI XT infrared camera 640x512. Has anyone used this camera with pix4d, maps made easy, or drone deploy? Was wondering about signal strength, range, ect. From what I have found is that pix4d is the best, although not the easiest to use. It is also only compatible with the high...
  17. D

    Pix4d Range Issues

    I am new to Pix4d. Just wondering if anyone has experienced any fly aways or any strange errors occurring while using pix4d and an inspire. I was told that the transmitter range is much much shorter than a standard flight with an inspire. Any intel would be greatly appreciated!
  18. B

    Pix4D mapper pro -perpetual license

    I am just feeling for feedback here if my company decides to purchase a Trimble UX5HP with UAS Master for mapping. Due to the workflow, our exisiting licesnse of PIX4D isn't needed. Would anyone here be interested in purchasing this license from us? We have about 6months left of personal tech...
  19. R

    Building an autonomous drone for academia, ideas on senor, req, etc

    Greetings, I am part of a thirty member team of mechanical, computer, and electrical engineers collaborating with Northup Gruman, NASA, Aerial Alchemy, and a few select other sponsors to build an autonomous drone to assist emergency responders. Currently we are scouring the industry and drone...
  20. Parker

    questions about the cut off point

    New to the industry of using UAVs for Commercial use. I've got a trial going of DroneDeploy, pretty sweet. I can export a KML file or a .las cloud point file (still learning about what those are). I can see this being delivered to the customer via Dropbox, downloadable file from my site or...