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Camera/Software Compatability

Jan 7, 2018
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Forgive me as I'm new to the platform. I am trying to find a straight answer as to the capability of a drone, camera, flight planning, and photo stitching software.

My team and I trying to create drone maps however we are undecided as to which camera will work for our purposes. For this reason we want to test several.

Its my understanding that the Inspire 2 is a no-go for thermal. So that leaves the Inspire 1 or the M200 series. Has anyone had luck making maps (RGB, Multi, and Thermal) with either of these options? If so what planning and stitching software do you use?

In addition we want to locate specific objects in our image. For instance if there is a 8in x 8in box in our image we would like to tag its GPS position. Should we consider RTK?

Thanks in advance!
If you already have a I2 might want to check out sUAS Thermal Vision|Gimbals for FLIR|sUAS.com. I have been looking at there IViEW pro with geo tagging. I have no skin in the game with this company and do not currently own but seriously looking at their solution. They are very helpful to answer questions if you call. Others I have called with similar solutions have not been very receptive. Weird when you are selling speciality products with thousands for their price tag

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