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Large mapping job with Inspire?

Dec 3, 2015
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I was wondering if anyone has done fairly large mapping with Inspire?
I got an offer to do 1200 ha for barn beetle monitoring... Currently I only have Inspire 1 Pro. For mapping I mostly use Oly 12mm with MapPilot and MapsMadeEasy processing. And for smaller jobs it has been very reliable setup. But this is something completely different.
I know that 1200 ha would be typicall fixed wing job. But anyway - just in theory - do you think that it`s possible to do it with Inspire? You know - divide flying to numerous days and than let the cloud to process the output.

or I ask the other way - what was the largest mapping job you have done with Inspire?

I do 200+ acre maps with my Inspire regularly. I try to limit the total images to 750 or so using DroneDeploy. Your biggest limitation would be the altitude you can fly at, battery capacity, and required resolution. At the standard 400 feet, you are talking quite a few battery changes.

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I suppose it depends if the client wants a single draggable 1200 ha map or would be happy for it to be delivered in 200 acre chunks. If it is the latter then the only limitation is the time it will take you to do it. I know of a company that used Phantoms to map a local 15 mile road bypass route, so it can be done...at least in 2D.

I have a similar question, except I am trying to image the entire side of a mountain and will need the 200 acre individual images combined to create a high resolution single 3D map of the mountainside.

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