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  1. R

    RAW Burst mode on SSD no live view.

    Hello all, I bought my inspire 2 with the x5s second hand. I have the ProRes license and the DJI SSD. The main reason why I bought the I2 was the possibility to shoot Raw stills in the burst mode endless. But if I use the burst mode a didn’t have a live picture. It freezes in BW and it comes...
  2. johnarooo

    $8500 i2 Kit for $3800 - lots of extras!

    It’s listed on eBay and and Facebook but would much rather sell to someone here, if anyone is looking: DJI Inspire 2 Zenmuse X5S, GPC Hard Case, ProRes, 240GB SSD, 4 Batteries, 45mm Lens, 15mm Lens, Thunderbolt 3SSD Card Reader, 8x Carbon Fiber Folding Props, with Extras! This was lightly...
  3. OSullivanStudios

    Intermittent Flash on Video on the SSD but not recorded to the micro SD card

    There is an intermittent flash that happens on the video files recorded to the SSD that are not recorded to the SD files. I have tried to shoot in automatic, manual, different frame rates, different SSD drives but I can't seam to resolve the issue and DJI is not helping. Has anyone ever hear...
  4. Rocco Z

    [SOLD] $6,750 Complete Inspire 2 RAW kit *MUST SELL ASAP*

    (((SOLD))): DJI Inspire 2 Complete X5s RAW Production Kit (brand new body, camera) The kit was purchased for $8,192.00. I’m looking for $6,750 + $150 shipping. Location: Denver, CO Hello! After an unfortunate financial situation, our production must sell one of our brand new Inspire 2 kits...
  5. Raymondo

    ExFAT and fragmented ProRes files on SSD

    Have been chasing dji again about exFAT formatting of SSD drives so we can get rid of the 4gb blocks for files each in their own folder. Despite this being a 'coming soon' feature on the original brochure, dji still say there is nothing in the pipeline. Do any of you guys have the programming...
  6. Raymondo

    SSD wrong remaining time

    Just did a 3 day shoot. Used Prores 422 to a 120GB drive. We were shooting enough that I had to off-load the data at lunchtime and at the end of the day. The Crystal Sky indicates a capacity of 28 minutes after formatting. We had waited several hours for a fishing boat to return to harbour, and...
  7. B

    ran out of media while recording and SSD did not save last take...

    Has anyone experienced this before? I ran out of media storage on my 500gb SSD while filming and when I got home to check the footage, that entire last 10 minute take was missing. I wonder if there's anyway to recover it? It was some pretty critical footage - best take of the morning.
  8. B


    Location: Denver, Colorado (USA) Shipping: Willing to ship anywhere within the USA I have 2 "like new", used less than 5 times, 512 GB SSDs for the X5R and 1 SSD reader for importing media. Willing to sell all three items for $800 OBO, or each SSD for $449 OBO. (2) 512 GB SSD for X5R - Retail...
  9. C

    How to delete / format X5r SSD on the Mac

    Hi guys, I sold my Inspire1 and still have a SSD to sell. I forgot to format the SSD on the Inspire which is shipped already. Unfortunately there is still some footage on the SSD. I still have a reader. Can I delete or format the SSD on my Mac with the Disk Utility before I hand it over? It...
  10. S

    DJI inspire 2 - X5S - CinemaDNG & ProRes- GPC Case - Dual Remote - 14 Batteries

    DJI Inspire 2 Drone with Zenmuse X5S - CinemaDNG & Apple ProRes This drone has been used in one professional video shoot. This bundle includes everything seen in the pictures: DJI Inspire 2 GPC Landing Mode Inspire 2 Hard Case (Original Case not included) Zenmuse X5S CinemaDNG and Apple ProRes...
  11. S

    Recording on SSD forces Log profile onto Micro SD

    Hi Guys, I'm new here and couldn't find anything related to this issue. When I turn SSD on to record in Pro Res I'm finding that my 4K backup on the Micro SD card automatically forces the recording style to LOG. I like to record in D-Cinelike on the Micro SD with custom settings and can't find a...
  12. Dr. Ifly Drones

    With this we need an SSD?

    Did this just render the entire question of super expensive SSD moot? SanDisk crams 400GB into a microSD card
  13. Skylux Media

    SSD - 480GB Drive for Inspire 2 - NEW

    Greetings! I'm selling a brand new 480GB SSD for the Inspire 2 with X5S or X4S. I purchased 3 of these, and only ended up needing two. I am selling this for $800 via Paypal (with free shipping to the Continental US). Shoot me a call or text 801-362-8892 if you have any questions and to verify...
  14. S

    Correct me if i'm wrong - it's not possible to write to the SSD without a microSD on board?

    Today I committed the ultimate sin and forgot to bring my microSD cards on a shoot. I had everything else with me. I wondered could I fly and write the footage to the SSD only but it seems that this isn't an option. I was offered by the Go 4 App to record to my device (iPad) but this method...
  15. 3

    Wanting to get the inspire 2 next month but worried about bugs still.

    Hello everyone new to this Forum and posted something similar to what I'm asking now over at the DJI Forum but not to many responses. Anyways i'm coming from a Q5004k and wanting to step into the inspire club but with the x4s as that's what my budget says lol. A couple of questions. Also this is...
  16. S

    Inspire 2 ssd advantages (Pros and Cons)

    Hey guys, I own an Inspire 2 wqith the x5s, And I do not shoot raw or prores with it, I just bought the x5s for the capabilities of changing lenses and bigger sensor! I currently use SD cards but I have a hard time with them because a lot of them usually tend to go bad or I tend to loose them...
  17. W

    Cinema SSD cards.

    Does the Cinema SSD cards are only needed with the Zenmuse X5S camera to record Apple ProRes and/or Cinema-DNG? (I know you have to buy license keys for those formats) or Can they be use to record the standard 4K with the X5S and not using MicroSD cards? Thanks for any help!
  18. Dr. Ifly Drones

    Inspire 2 Pro?

    I saw this headline today and couldn't help but think we have yet another version to look forward to and look at the flight time expected (7 hours?): Seagate works with DJI to create new type of storage for drones Get ready for a detachable hard drive instead of SSD... Don't spend too much on...
  19. A

    Lots of kit for sale. London UK

    Buyer pays shipping and PayPal fees. Let me know if you want it quickly (more expensive) or slowly (least expensive) I will shop around for the cheapest price in either case and will include insurance and tracking. Some of the kit is still under warranty so you will be provided with receipts...
  20. M

    Inspire 5R question about SSD and clients

    Hey guys and gals, I was planning on purchasing a new Inspire Pro with the Zenmuse x5R camera for a few upcoming projects. However, I was just wondering how is everybody handling getting the raw footage to clients after a shoot? My understanding is that you can only download the footage into...