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  1. M

    Inspire 1 tb48 battery

    Like new, rarely used batteries in white. Have 2 available, left over from when I had my Inspire 1 v.2.0 I sold my Inspire 1 about 2 month ago, and batteries were fully charged at that time. Removed 2 batteries from the sale to accommodate a price reduction in my sale. I don't have the # of...
  2. Kopterguy

    Matrice Battery Case

    Dji Matrice 600 Battery Travel Case for sale. Like new condition, holds 18 Inspire 1 or M600 Batteries and 2 Hex Chargers. Shipping continental USA only. PayPal preferred. Beaumont, TX 77706. $225.00 plus shipping.
  3. TransArctic

    DJI GO not connecting Inspire 1, when using a particular TB48 battery.

    When using one of my TB48 batteries, DJIGO app won’t connect with the Inspire 1. When this happens, I remove, inspect and put the gimbal back on - making sure it’s all very clean, etc., then restart the Inspire 1- but to no avail. However when I replace the battery (in question) with another...
  4. zpdana24

    WTB TB48/47 batteries

    I'm looking for a couple of batteries from respected Inspire pilots be it TB48's or 47's. Thanks y'all!
  5. Matt McGowan

    WTB : Inspire 1 TB48s

    Looking for Inspire 1 batteries, 2-3 TB48's with low cycle count.
  6. M

    Heads up! 2 - tb48’s for no reserve!!!

    Hey guys I’m unloading 2 extra tb48’s that are well used, but holding strong. Previous owner put stickers on them. No reserve, so you may actually be able to get a smokin deal. Will combine shipping. Dji Inspire 1 TB48 Battery great shape! | eBay Dji Inspire 1 TB48 Battery great shape! |...
  7. B

    (5) TB48 Batteries For Sale - Low Cycles

    I have 5 - TB48 Batteries with low cycles from 14 - 26 Asking $140 each shipped. Will sell the lowest cycles first. 14, 17, 18, 23, 26 Paypal accepted.
  8. B

    I1 turns on automatically when installing TB48

    It shows a full charge. Battery is about a month old and only a few flights. the problem is that the second the connection is made inserting it the ac turns on automatically and no lights turn on on the battery. I can " double tap" the battery and it light up like normal but the ac is already...
  9. OneStudPuppy

    Tb48 storage and bloated?

    thoughts? Stored in the case no crazy temps etc in closet inside walls of house, maybe about 6 months? Sometimes real life takes over and hobbies take a back seat. Maybe 20 flights total..
  10. T

    Charging Hub

    DJI charging hub for TB47 & TB48. 12 months old, excellent condition, surplus to requirements. UK only please. £45.00 including postage. This item does not include the standard charging lead.
  11. jafuller

    Used/Like New Inspire 1 Pro Raw Dual Remote Combo For Sale

    Used. Like new condition Inspire 1 Pro Raw Dual Remote Zenmuse X5R Camera Package. My DJI Go App currently shows 2hours 55 min total flight time on the Inspire. Perfectly clean with no scratches, nicks, bumps, etc. Includes everything that normally comes in the dual remote Inspire 1 Pro Raw...
  12. Brett

    Inspire 1 Battery Problem (TB48)

    Hi all. I have a TB48 Battery that doesn't seem to charge. It was knocked over on the floor. Can you have a look at these videos and tell me what you think. Thanks
  13. W

    DJI TB48 & TB47 Batteries - Very Low Cycles

    I have three TB48 batteries for sale with very low cycles. Cycles are 4, 7, & 9 I also have three TB47 batteries available - Cycles are 1, 2 & 11 Price is $150 per TB48 battery. Price is $125 per TB47 battery.
  14. A

    TB48 for sale 0 cycles - London UK

    I have ONE brand new TB48 with zero cycles - £140. Let me know if you are interested. Collection only, unless you know a carrier that will take them then you pay P&P. PayPal friends and family payment or pay the PayPal plus PayPal fee.
  15. K3vin

    Want to buy black battery cover or battery

    looking for black battery cover or black tb47.. hit me up
  16. Tommy Bayshore

    New or Used Inspire 1? Scam company?

    I recently bought my "new" Inspire 1 Pro Black Edition from a company on Amazon called EZ ELECTRONICS. They had over 6000 positive reviews but were not a authorized DJI reseller (i didnt really check this until after the purchase). I just saw all the good reviews so assumed it was a great store...
  17. Paul Carrin

    SOLD Broken Inspire 1 and all accessories for Sale

    SOLD. THANKS FOR THE INTREST. I have an Inspire 1 with broken arms that I'm selling for parts or whole. Also selling all batteries and controllers. I've made a video demonstrating everything and the battery history. I can take or paypal and can ship in the US. Ask for the parts you need and I...
  18. Yiannis.B

    Intelligent flight batteries, are really stupid

    Received my new Inspire 1 V2 during the weekend, only to find out that the battrey was dead. I did all the tricks trying to make it work with no success. 1. Measured charger output voltage, and it is O.K. 2. Removed the white cup and measured directly to the cells = 0,8 Vdc. 3. Removed...
  19. H

    Used Inspire Pro x5 Dual remote package

    Used Inspire Pro x5 package Asking $2,800 shipped. 2 controllers 1 TB47 and 2 TB48 batteries charger Lanyard 2 sets of props (4 used, 4 new sealed) **extras below also unless sold prior separately** 6 sets of 1345T Quick Release Props NIB 4 sets of Quick Release Install Kit NIB NO crashes...
  20. C

    URGENT - Seeking TB47 or TB48 Inspire Batteries (Borrow or Buy)

    Hi all in Australia, preferably Sydney. I have just been let down buy a seller and am in desperate need of a few batteries for a job tomorrow. If anyone has some for immediate sale or is willing to lend me a few (for a modest fee), I will be extremely grateful. Email [email protected]