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1UAS DJI Inspire 1 Demo Day

Aug 20, 2014
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Video clip from: Horizon Imageworks

This past Saturday, 12/20/14, the team at Intelligent UAS (1uas.com) invited local operators to take a look at (and the sticks on!) on their pre-release Inspire 1, just received from DJI. We'll leave it to others to showcase the tablet-based ground station/downlink features - this is just some scenes from the IUAS folks getting that new bird in the air.

This short few minutes includes a couple of super slo-mo segments meant to help show how the machine behaves during the gear transformation. First sense of that: just no big deal - the machine, overall, looks solid as a rock and very well supported by software on the ground. Looking forward to putting one of these units to work in the field.
thanks for sharing!
is this proto or first batch production that is going out to retailers right now?
if my eyes serve me correctly there is a good amount of camera shake as the wings come up...
You need glasses that looked great you guys just need something to ***** about

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It's a pre-release Inspire. Says in the first few seconds of the video.

Reading on other forums (and I think here), dji have reduced the shaking.
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Who cares what the camera does while the arms are retracting? None of us will even START using the camera until the legs have FULLY retracted. Video looks great to me. If some perceived shake bothers you, then don't buy it. Simple.

What DID surprise me is how low to the grass the camera sat before take off. Figured at rest, the camera was designed to be placed high enough to at least clear grass. Have to be real careful landing this bird on a level surface to avoid damaging the camera.

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