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4k Video Issues

May 7, 2015
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I hope someone can shed some light on my issues. I have an Inspire 1 but I'm fairly new to Video. I expected the camera to be outstanding but I'm having major issues with 4K and playback. If I playback in Media Player the videos are over saturated color wise and if I play back in VLC/Gom etc the videos are flat and dull. With both the videos have major issues in higher contrast situations and the white balance is awful. Using my old Go pro 3 was a dream and I'm getting very disillusioned with the Inspire Camera - especially after putting 3K out on it........ hope it's something one of you can help with?
You might want to list your camera settings so we can have an idea of which is more correct. VLC image could be consistent with footage shot in log. The ugly result from Media player could be due to bad graphics driver settings.
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Hi Kilrah, I just played the same video back through my Sony Experia Z3 from within the Pilot app and the overexposure is significantly less so I think maybe you are right. I have a high spec Lenovo Y70 Touch Laptop though and I would have thought it should render consistently across the different players consistantly? Any suggestions as to how I might rectify this?

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