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About to throw in the Towel on my Inspire 1 Pro Blacks!

the compass calibration thing is entirely malarkey made up by film boys without a shred of engineering knowledge. find a place without noise or interference(middle of field without power lines or buildings nearby), THEN calibrate the compass. do it ONCE. LEAVE IT ALONE. if you get to a new location and it won't take off because compass error - congratulations you found a place you shouldn't take off from. don't sit there and recalibrate the compass in a high noise environment.

in regards to gains... don't change stuff without knowing what it does. some idiot blogger has just as much chance of causing you to crash as suggsting settings that work. there are VERY FEW and VERY SIMPLE settings to change.

it sounds like you made your eyes bleed from searching for a magic answer, instead of simple trial and error by changing the settigs one at a time to see cause and effect
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the only time you need to recalibrate is if you change your declination too much. like if you change location from one side of the USA to the other. even then, it's just a few degrees off. and it is still precise... just not accurate. there's a difference. software will be able to quickly pick up on consistent accuracy problems. precision problems... not at all. that's why it's so bad to calibrate in a high noise environment
I reckon that was the problem. Try turning the VPS off on your new aircraft and see if the symptoms are repeatable.

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