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Airboating Lake Jackson Florida 4k

May 11, 2015
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Hey guys, I really spent a lot of time on this today and would love it if you guys and gals could enjoy the video and leave me some feedback. First time I have ever edited in 4k.

Unreal scenery, comment would be easy on the yaw movements. all movement besides actual forward/side to side movement should be slow and smooth (i.e. yaw pans and camera tilts). For example you're trying to follow those birds, I think the shot would be better if you let them fly right by.
Also at times it seems like you are unsure of the shot you are after. For example when you are tracking along the river with the buoys you are kind of drifting off to the right and then do a sharp correction, and head the other way. I'd try and keep the river framed right in the middle and do your forward movement and camera tilt up.
I love that shot where you follow the boat from the side, very well done. Since the sunset is so beautiful and the scenery pretty vast it would be cool to accelerate up while you're moving to the side to reveal more of the surroundings, and then slowly come to a stop once the sunset is nicely framed, could be a cool ending shot (although the croc is pretty cool too!)
Nice job though, just some suggestions on filming techniques.
Hey the camera is set to shoot 4k with vivid mode being on. We used 3 batteries to film that evening. Thanks for your input on flying. As far as the inspire goes, I have very little flight time on it. This was not my bird. Steve, the driver of the boat, owns the inspire but trusts my piloting skills during a moving run. Definitely need more time to get comfortable with it. The birds were a pain to film because they turned so fast and I wish I could have kept the quad still. The more time I have flying with moving objects the more smooth my movements will be. Thank you so much for watching and giving advise.

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