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All Sunshades On Sale - July 4th Only

Apr 10, 2015
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Birmingham, AL
All of our sunshades are on sale now at www.aerialdroneaccessories.com. So, if your tired of trying to find some shade to stand in when flying your Inspire 1. Check us out. 7 day money back guarantee on all our products (all we ask is for you to pay return shipping).

10% off today only use the coupon code "FIREWORKS"

your prices seem high. i did not see a matt finish on the inside. i saw a pic of tons of glare on the sides.......
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I have an article on my site concerning pricing. I've seen the lower priced ones out there and completely understand how they arrived at their pricing. There are things you can do to lower the price I'm just not going to cut corners. Ultimately it comes down to how long it takes to print. My sunshade iPad mini takes 9 hours. My iPad Air sunshade takes 13.

Concerning the reflection. I've u sed these in the field with no issues and no glare. Incredible feed back by users with my sunshades compared to others out there.
your prices seem high. i did not see a matt finish on the inside. i saw a pic of tons of glare on the sides.......

Thank you for your response. Glare has not been an issue. However I did change to a different filament recently that has more of a Matt finish. It's sort of a catch 22. If you print at lower temperatures you get more of a Matt finish but a weaker overall print. Higher temperatures give you a stronger print but also make the print have a little more gloss. Out in the field in actual use I've noticed zero glare or issues from the shade because of any gloss.

I've seen lesser sunshades out there that are being printed in white. Which is a complete no no.

This is why I offer the 7-day return policy for full refund. Get it and try it. If you don't like the item I will refund your money. (I simply ask that you pay return shipping).

Concerning Pricing:
Pricing is an important issue. That's the reason I chose to address this on the website. Ultimately it comes down to how long each one takes to print.
holy crap those prices are crazy

I have 3d printed a hole bunch of accessories and upgrades for my inspire. I know how much it costs to make those, and I can tell you its a rip-off.

If those prices are fair, ill start selling those myself today.
I dont really get why you have to 3D print something that can be made out of flat material. I suppose, just because you can.

**** kids and their technology, in the old days I would build stuff with my bear hands!

I'm just messing with you, I do get what you are saying. My dad always taught me how to use tools and how to build my own stuff. I remember when I was a kid I got a pet rabbit and I was going to buy a bigger cage for it. My dad went crazy and said never to buy something you can make yourself. I made the cage myself and still have it in perfect condition somewhere in my dad's basement. Some stuff there isn't really a point to 3d print, but since I live in a small apartment, I cant really be hammering and sawing stuff in my flat so 3d printing solves my issue. Also, some stuff I would never be able to make myself, at least with that much precision.

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