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App/Radio not communicating with Inspire

Jan 20, 2015
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I just got a two radio unit today and tried setting it up with my Samsung Galaxy S3. It didn't work (no connection with camera) so I contacted DJI support and they had me update firmware. So, I downloaded firmware and put it on one of the radios and then placed the card (with the firmware file) in the camera and booted up. The drone/gimbal went through a seemingly normal DJI start up but then there were no lights on the back indicating any status at all. Still no connection so I called DJI again and they determined that it was simply the device.

Soooooo, I ran to Best Buy and picked up the only thing I thought would work (Google Nexus 9) and came back. Same deal, no connection in the app with the camera or drone. I guess it could still be a device issue since the Nexus 9 isn't listed as one of their (now) 5 or so compatible devices.

Is there something I'm missing? Should I just try another device? It doesn't seem like an app issue at this point but I could be wrong.
Please dont take this the wrong way - have you switched the correct radio on (Master Handset) ? You can see this by the colour of the LED on the transmitter. Red means no connection and Green indicates connection with the inspire1 - this would be the Master Handset. The slave handset if it is paired with the master handset should go Blue or purple when switched on. The slave does not connect with the Inspire at all. Does the inspire stop flashing yellow when you switch on the transmitter? I have yet to see instructions on how to pair a Inspire with the Master handset if for some strange reason they have not been paired at the factory.

When you say no lights at all what happens when you power up the Inspire? Does it make the beeping sounds and any flashing lights at all?
I have been talking with DJI quite a bit and have (basically) been told that there is something wrong with the Slave connection via the app and they need a firmware update to solve it. I talked to one guy yesterday that said he hasn't known of a single person to get the second radio working.
I am sorry but you have been given the wrong information. I have a slave handset doing exactly as advertised
Yeah, I talked to another guy today that says he has talked to people that have had it work and he himself has set one up.

However he tried with two other units and those didn't work. The first one was an issue with the radio, the second was an issue with the drone itself and it had to be repaired. I'm going to try getting a new device and if that doesn't work I will probably just send it in.


Clearly you can see master (Ipad mini) and slave (Samsung Tab Pro 4). Video is present on both screens. Sorry I couldn't do a screen dump as both tablets have only DJI Pilot installed to help with latency issues
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Yeah, it must be a device compatibility thing then. Who knows. I'm going to grab a new tablet today to see if that works.

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