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USA Ariel Photography Business

I admire your gumption Presman, and don't lose sight of that dream of your own business. Not sure about the US but under Aust. CASA reg's., were your father to be the Registered party of the Business, he too would need to have an ReOC, and you would fly under his direction. U.S. may be different.

That said, have you considered trying to get just a regular job flying for someone else's company for now? You could charge them a commission for taking the RE work, and leave them the responsibility of post flight edit, and learn other skill sets you may be lacking in, say, post editing, or business management etc till your 18?

We are allowed to fly "commercial" without ReOC if under 2kg AC, and i would consider a smaller AC and keep the odd RE job for weekends & pocket money, if US laws allow.

Your laws, and mileage, may vary.
Great advice! Yes, my dad is trying to become the "business owner" so it will be legal. Also, I thought about working for someone else, and I would love that! But at the moment I'm so far into this I'm not going to give up for now lol. If an opportunity presented itself I would be open to it!

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