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Auburn University and unmanned aircraft systems

oh boy. thank god I live in Hungary... they are still working on something and until then it´s ok to make business and fly around as you like.
Is it just us or do other countries make it expensive for people to try to make an honest living? o_O

they will have something here too... I really hope they will not adapt ANYTHING from Austria as they are COMPLETELY NUTS and OUT OF THEIR MIND!!!!

the gov there gave the whole UAV thing to a private company (some friend to a politician I think) and they are running and inventing ALL regulations... as far as my information is correct.
you have to have redundant systems which means tow pcs of FC for eg. as long as you do not have a camera (ANY) on board you are good to go but as soon as you add any vision system even FPV you have to have a licence that you of course have to pay for, make tests and get permission for every takeoff regardless of where in the country meaning if you want to takeoff from your farmers neighbor crop for field check - report to the Austrian FAA, if you go to the city and make a movie shot - report to Austrian FAA... I haven´t seen DJI distributors there yet... most use the German company's electronics which is said to be the "inventor" of multirotor technic and other have "copied". DJI did their homework and packed the bare PCB's together and up do make it look good and easy to use.
if I would have to compare the german company and DJI I would say DJI is like iPhone - buy unpack and use do not want to understand and know too much...
the german company would be like Linux - buy, adjust and solve yourself if you have an issue but there is support. a really good one. - which I like.
the system is more free, you don't have "no fly" zones or other restrictions... go as much up and far away as you like and can with the 2.4GHz system it is left to the user and his normal piece of mind to not crash his 4 or 5 grand machine somewhere and many if not all really fly with safety in mind. - like myself.
Germany is kind a cool... as long as you don't go over 5 kg nothing is needed but space to fly around is limited since you can´t get out to a field without being fined when someone from the forestry guys finds you... and that is expensive.

if there is any wrong info please DO correct me since I am not always up to date. as far as I know Austria is the most overkilling country in EU at the moment.
Is it just us or do other countries make it expensive for people to try to make an honest living? o_O

Same in the UK. There a various National Qualified Entities (NQE) that are recognised and authorised by the CAA.
These NQE's run training, exams, flight assessments and ops manual overviews which if a candidate passes all parts allows a request for permission for aerial work (PFAW) to be applied for by the CAA.
CAA grants PFAW, candidate can then go and get commercial work (assuming mandatory insurance is in place).
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