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Deep dive into Inspire 1 Firmwares... Trying to debunk the funk...

Jan 16, 2021
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Which software are you using to unpack the .bin files in that manner?


That listing is from the log files in the MISC/LOG directory on the MicroSD card used for the update.

Turns out that every time you do an update it logs the process into internal memory of the aircraft. Every update you do amends to that log and writes the new version to the MicroSD card.

You can tell if an aircraft is a refurb or has a new N-Core in that the log will be quite short (usually only 1 update before the one you are doing). My Osmo+ is a refurb and it didn't have a scrubbed log, which means it was sent back for either an issue that had nothing to do with the camera (like a handle/battery malfunction), or someone returned it saying there was a problem and none existed they could tell. In my case I think it had to do with the cooling fan since it has started making noise on me. Doesn't matter since when you start recording it shuts the fan off, but it is still annoying to have a "new"/"refurb" product have any sort of defect.

Back on topic, there *is* a utility that breaks out the firmware modules into individual .bin files, but it is far too complicated for *most* users to get going, thus why I won't post it here (it also might be frowned upon).

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