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Bereavement forcing sale: DJI equipment collection Inspire 1, Inspire 2 and various accessories

Nov 1, 2018
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Hi Everyone,

I’ve recently joined the forum as my late partner (Ash223) was a member and a keen DJI user. He has left a collection of DJI equipment that now needs to find good homes and bring joy and excitement to other members of the drone community. I am looking to shift the gear quite quickly and would be happy to combine lots if anyone wishes to make a bulk offer. I am in South West London, UK. All prices exclude shipping.

Inspire 2 kit £5600
Includes quadcopter kit, Cendence controller with patch antennae, 4 batteries, 8 rotor blades, 1 battery charger (needs cable), I2 Remote controller, DJI ZENMUSE X4S CAMERA AND GIMBAL, DJI Cinessd SSD for Inspire 2 (480GB), DJI CrystalSky 7.85" Ultra-Bright Monitor
I2 has licences for Pro-res and Cinema DNG.

X7 Camera and Lense set - £5,500

DJI Zenmuse X7 DL/DL-S Lens Set 16,24,35 & 50mm 2.8

Inspire 1 KIT: £2000

DJI Inspire 1 v2 Pro (Inc - X5 Camera without lens; 2 x TB47*; 4 x TB48* (all deep cycled to ensure they are okay and maintained); Dual Controllers; FPV; 2 Pairs Used and 4 Pairs Unused Props; 4 way Charging Hub; 100W and 180W Chargers; 1 harness)
Flown for approximately 10 hours, no hard landings or crashes. (NB: Ash223 upgraded the bearings in the I1 motors to the BOCA ceramic ones. I have been flying with them since last year (2017) sometime (no flight after June 2018) and have had no issues. There was a noticeable improvement from the stock bearings)

Cameras, lenses and filters:
  • DJI X5R Camera (no microSD card, no lens): £1700 With standard package contents (Inc 1 x SSD Reader, 1 x USB cable and 1 x 512GB SSD). He got this back from DJI under warranty replacement so this is a brand new camera.
  • DJI X5 camera only £1000
  • DJI X5s Camera only £1200
  • Polar pro filters x 7 £120
Crystal Sky monitor and accessories: £1000
  • DJI Crystal Sky 7.85"
  • DJI Crystal Sky monitor hood
  • DJI Crystal Sky Battery charging hub x2
  • Batteries: 2 x Crystal Sky / Cendence intelligent battery
SSD Cards and readers
  • X5R SSD boxed x2 - used 2 or 3 times (512gb) £900
  • DJI CNIESSD Station Ver. UG1 £120
Batteries and charging kit
  • Inspire 2 Charging Hub £80
  • Inspire 2 battery chargers x 2 (IN2C180) £100
  • TB50 Batteries x 6 - £800
Props - various
  • Full set T-Motor CF Props (14x4.8) including quick release adapters (there is a very small chip at the end of one of them, doesn't effect flying at all) £75
  • 2 x Pairs T Motor CF props, individual felt bags. Microscopic 'chip' at end of one. No impact on flight £75
  • DJI 1345s Rotor Carbon Fibre reinforced quick release black with yellow stripe x 2 new pairs, 3 used singles, black with white stripe new x 1 unused pair, 4 used singles £15
  • 8 x pairs inspire 1 quick release props. 4 Boxed. 4 unboxed £30
Transportation accessories
  • MC Cases professional carry case for inspire 2 unused £500
  • Strap backpack converter for Inspire 1 or 2 transport £35
I can provide photos on request.

Are willing to sell the 50mm lens for the x7 camera? If yes how much will that be?
I am really trying to get things shifted in bulk. if i have difficulty selling the lenses as a set i may consider breaking up but as i've only just posted for sale I don't really want to do that yet.
sorry! if i decide to split out i will mesage here.
Indeed sorry for loss, im only looking for tb48 or 47 batteries at the moment myself and sure you wouldnt split for just those.

Sorry to hear about your loss and hope all is well.

Would you be willing to sell the X4S camera separately from the drone?

Apologies for delayed reply its been a busy few days at work.
I may consider parting with the camera if the price is right. Would you like to PM me with an offer?


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