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crystal sky

  1. Four K Videos

    Crystal Sky Brightness control?

    I had a night flight yesterday with the I2 and Crystal Sky 5.5 and as dusk approached I wanted to dim the monitor to allow my eyes to adjust. I could only find battery power savings which reduced the brightness a little but nothing like I needed for the flight. It's probably obvious, but I would...
  2. G

    Selling DJI Crystal Sky 7.85 With Accessories

    I am selling a DJI CrystalSky on eBay with all of the various accessories that are needed for it and some extras ones. Check out this link to see the listing: URL removed by moderator
  3. M

    Bereavement forcing sale: DJI equipment collection Inspire 1, Inspire 2 and various accessories

    Hi Everyone, I’ve recently joined the forum as my late partner (Ash223) was a member and a keen DJI user. He has left a collection of DJI equipment that now needs to find good homes and bring joy and excitement to other members of the drone community. I am looking to shift the gear quite...
  4. C

    Inspire 2 Package for Sale

    No longer avail.
  5. N

    SOLD - Crystalsky 7.85" Ultra Brighteness New $750 US

    Selling my Crystalsky 7.85 Ultra Brightness. Includes two batteries and battery charging hub. Free shipping to lower 48 only. Price $750 US. Mount shown in photos not included. This is a new unit I confirmed with DJI. The one I purchased in May of this year was having sound issues. I just...
  6. nandoarr

    NFZ / ATTI / Crystal Sky

    Hello there inspire friends, how you guys doing? I was doing a job yesterday and had to fly at a bridge, reaaaal close to a NFZ and several times the drone landed it self because of the NFZ. So i turn to ATTI and still the drone landed when got to the NFZ, almost landed in the river 3 times in...
  7. S

    Can't get I2 to stay or relinked with Cendence w/ an attached Crystal Sky

    I have had a very difficult time getting an I2 to link with a Cendence w/ an attached Crystal Sky. I have been able to establish a connection with the I2 only three times, for no more than 15 minuets, during which I have be able to operate the X5S, etc. The I2 persistently displays LIME (Very...
  8. droneondemand

    Crystal Sky Ultra Bright 7.85 Firmware Update Issues

    Updated the CS to the new firmware to try and eliminate the overheating issues. Now the nose POV camera screen on GO4 is a scrambled mess of colored lines when reduced in the corner...but somehow restores itself when I blow it up on my screen. Then I minimize and it goes back to being scrambled...
  9. Raymondo

    Inspire 2 not connected in Pilot app

    I wanted to try the Pilot app because the latest update says that it displays GPS coordinates. That would be useful for a couple of recent job requests. I us a Crystal Sky on Cendence. Found a youtubevideo explaining how to replace DJI GO with the Pilot app. When I started it, there was an...
  10. S

    Autopilot softwares that work in Crystal Sky

    Hello, I just purchased a DJI Matrice 210 with Crystal Sky. What autopilot softwares are available that work on Crystal sky? I am new to this but doesn't DJI doesn't have its own autopilot app that works on crystal sky? Please advice. Thanks
  11. G

    sold ! Thanks - Sale Crystal Sky High Brightness 7.8" Monitor - Open Box - $600.00

    Hi Guys: Up for sale Open Box New DJI Crystal Sky 7.8" High Brightness 1,000 nit monitor. This Monitor has only been used 1 time outdoors for testing only. In Perfect Shape and with all of the orignal packing. This one will not last long... Located in Loveland Colorado, Paypal only, Free...
  12. Keule

    Crystal Sky: Pilot App update 0.5.1 (Feb 07, 2018)

    DJI has released a new update for the Crystal Sky monitor: Pilot App - New Version (V0.5.1) Added Master and Slave remote controller function Added GPS coordinate display and format setting Added obstacle avoidance radar interface Added support for activating the aircraft Added support for the...
  13. Zach Zach

    Crystal Sky Question [no search result]

    Hey all. Can those who can speak to whether or not it's worth having the Crystal Sky Ultra Brightness versus High Brightness? I've done a search on this forum and only found many speaking to them loving their ultra bright screens. No one has had both, used both, and objectively mentioned if...
  14. diverreb

    Crystal Sky Ultra Bright Arrived!

    Thanks to Florida Drone Supply for their excellent service.... They hooked me up with an Ultra Bright, Standard Mount, extra Battery and a MavMount for my Mavic. MavMount is great product, BTW. Very well made and holds the Monitor in place and can be used upside down or covering the...
  15. V

    CrystalSky roll back firmware

    I recently updated CS and RC. Now, sometimes, they cannot connect. CS thinks that RC is computer and give me USB message .. I think that firmware of CrystalSky is problem. On DJI forum nothing concrete....obvious, until new firmware, I will have problem.
  16. Keule

    New Crystal Sky firmware with GO 3.1.18 and GO4 4.1.14

    ALCON: Overview Date:2017.11.09 CrystalSky Firmware: V02.04.02.00 DJI GO 3 App: V 3.1.18 DJI GO 4 App: V 4.1.14 DJI Pilot Beta: V 0.3.6 What’s New Added Data Transmission on the Quick Settings page to support downloading photos and videos from CrystalSky to your mobile device (DJI GO 4...
  17. Rocco Z

    Extremely annoying: Crystal Sky 5.5" FPV STUCK in MIDDLE of screen.

    Just a heads up: The FPV Liveview only has one option for position on your screen when using the 5.5" CSky: STRAIGHT IN THE MIDDLE. I was really looking forward to using the picture-in-picture ability of the FPV camera and the main X5s view together; now, it's practically useless. When viewing...
  18. AeroMirage

    DJI--- Ship those Crystal Skys

    Flew the new Inspire 2 for the first time tonight. Kept getting warning that mobile device CPU fully loaded.... Been waiting on a Crystal Sky for over a month and VERY ready for it now!! Ipad Mini 2 is Obviously now obsolete.
  19. D

    2017 CES: All New DJI Products

    DJI Unveils New Products at 2017 CES! New DJI products, including Chinese New Year Phantom 4! - The Digital Circuit