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Built-in Anti Theft?

Does the Inspire have built-in anti theft? Is there low jack for the Inspire 1? If DJI can ground you due to firmware update can we remotely disable the Inspire if we lose it or its stolen?
I bet it's just a matter of time before we can call up dji and request a operational shut down in case of theft or whatever reason. .
I believe to some degree it does as it asks you to update firmware. I believe that periodically it will ask you to check the firmware. However rather than have a complicated setup where it needs to validate itself each time before flight there should be a simpler option such as tick box in the app where you could password protect the aircraft (and not the app) and insist that unless the correct password is enabled via app the motors do not unlock. If somebody does not enter the correct password that is stored onboard the aircraft it will not unlock or you will be able to change settings. This is wishful thinking but I don't it is beyond the capabilities of the hardware. The trick is not to make it too restrictive and spoil the enjoyment. When you start building this options you are going to have to service the population of people who will forget the password and cry about been grounded. The overide option is where the weakness will stem and I don't know if DJI is in the mood to deal with people who want their aircraft unlocked because they have forgotten their password. How do you differentiate between a genuine customer and somebody who is pretending to have forgotten the password.. Will you have to return the aircraft back to DJI to unlock it??

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