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Can anyone share DNG still files from X5R?

Thanks! Looks nice but I have seen quite a lot of film already. What I'm missing is demanding (eg. low light, high contrast) still images in RAW format to see how the camera perform. All the best, Peter

Stills are same as X5. Lots of those around in other threads
Thanks for your reply. Can you give a couple of good examples (threads). I have tried to find them but not succeeded. The images you can download from DJI are not good for evaluation and taken from a film sequence with not fully resolved images (only 4K). Peter

If you haven't found what you are looking for my suggestion would be to specify exactly (EXACTLY) what you need and post over in the X5 camera section asking for someone to take your requested photo. I might also suggest specifying in the subject "STILL" to avoid confusion.

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