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carbon Fiber Grades?

Jan 8, 2015
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I read in another thread that someone ordered I1 and specified He wanted type "A" carbon fiber . isDJI using different material already? is one type better then the other?
from the pre order thread
If anyone from ALL e RC is online (and you still have I1s in stock) would you please check the carbon fiber pattern on your current inventory of I1? I'd like to place the order with you today if you can confirm that what you currently have in stock (and what I will receive) have the classic twill weave carbon fiber pattern. Thx.
I posted that request to ALL e RC (multiple forums) but did not get a response, so I knew I wasn't doing business with them. A simple "sorry but we don't have a way of knowing which I1 have which carbon fiber pattern" would've been acceptable to me.

There is a difference in manufacturing but overall integrity and weight is about same. I do prefer the "look" of the type A carbon fiber as the other option looks "unfinished" to me.
I was able to purchase one from CopterShop on Friday. They confirmed that there are two types carbon fiber on I1 and they sent out the one I was looking for. Now that's good customer service!​
Is there any picture of this type A and other options? I have never heard before and i can't imagine what kind have ordered...

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