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changing devices...???

Feb 21, 2015
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Cypress, Texas
So, I started out using my new Inspire 1 with my iPhone 6 Plus. I set it all up and have test flown it 3 times and even flown it 3 other times for a client shoot using the iPhone 6 Plus. I am now finally getting an iPad mini 2 to use with the I1 and I am wondering if I am going to have issues switching things over to running on the iPad? Obviously I will download the software, but when I go to start it, will I just login to my already created user account and then all my settings and even my previous flights that are logged will all be there??? I'm just trying to make sure that all the settings and setup I did on my iPhone won't be lost, or if there is a step I need to do in order to ensure this?


Make sure you sync the flight logs to the cloud on the iPhone first, then login with the iPad and sync.
You'll have to reconfigure the app-specific settings.
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Ok, thanks! I have synced all my flights from the app to the cloud, but I was afraid of the app specific stuff. Might not be as hard as I was thinking it would be though. As far as any of the settings that I have changed on the I1 using the app, those should still be there, since they are stored on the aircraft itself and then only recalled and displayed on the App screen once it is connected to the remote control? Correct?
Some settings are stored in the aircraft, some in the remote and some in the app. The app-specific ones are only the first few on the "gear" icon OTOH (metric/imperial, hardware decoding etc).
So if you were an idiot like me and did not sync your flight records to the cloud I am assuming they are gone.

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