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Did you sell your old gear for the I1?

Mar 1, 2014
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If so, what did you get for it? I put my P2 with gimbal, video downlink, monitor and Goprofessional case on Craigslist for $1,000. Sold it within 30 minutes for what I was asking. I lost some but considering what used P2s are going for, I feel I got lucky!
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Yep sold my vision + for the inspire, but still waiting for all the bugs and iOS app to be sorted before I dive in. After all my warranty runs from when I buy it, this includes being grounded for bugs etc. also why did they not use bearings on the moving arm joints? I feel the '+' version will have these and will be as a leap from the vision to the +. But can I wait that long? Time will tell.
My TBS discovery crashed into the sea... so I stole a car and sold the parts and bought my Inspire

Anybody was a a bare car shell
have 2 phantom 1's I jumped on board about 2 months after they released the first version. had a crash and while DJI was repairing it I purchased a second one. Gave my first one to my dad so we fly together and the second is a back up in case of problems with I1

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