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EEEEEEEEEEEEK DRONES!!!! This time - Harassing a poor Kickstarting Lemmon growing homeowner - sniff

Dec 15, 2014
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Here is the original article.

And before you feel sorry for the poor homeowner - read my response on their comments section.
The story is a lie. The kind of UAV shown with a hole blown through it is this.


It's a $50 toy. I have numerous UAVs, some very sophisticated and others very simplistic. NO possible way that SYMA had the range to fly more than a 200-300 FEET away from the pilot. After that it loses contact with the controller and bye bye quad. It just flys away or lands. The other thing is the video quality is too good for that quad. The SYMA can take video, but it looks horrible - nowhere near as clear as the footage we see. Third point. The SYMA has NO FPV, so the only way to fly it is by line of sight. First person (remote) view is out of the question and when the homeowner comes out of the house, the UAV flyer takes off. That's only possible with the more sophisticated (expensive) versions costing $1200-$1500. Point 4 is the quad video has audio and many do not record audio. The few I know of carry a GoPro, which does record the audio.

I'm calling horseshyt on the homeowner. It's a matter of time before he is exposed for trying to get free publicity for his kickstarter campaign. At first I was going to side with the homeowner until I saw the actual supposed offending quadcopter he said was harassing him. 100% certainty that quadcopter DID NOT record the video shown.


I honestly feel all of us have an obligation to expose misinformation about UAVs. The media is clearly slanted against these new aircraft. It helps them sell their news if they get people feeling as if they are a threat and people clearly have no exposure to them other than what the media tells them. Every chance you get, please comment on these articles - to the journalist reporting them or even the news organization - on twitter - facebook... anywhere public. There are a lot of articulate people on these boards and it's time to keep countering against the media who is clearly winning in the misinformation game.
I've looked through my two phantoms and my Inspire and for the life of me, I can't find a smpte color bar generator....like seen after the drone takes a hit. Hum, kinda reminds me of the "photo" taken from a Russian satellite of the Columbia breaking up during re-entry. Ya just can't believe anything on tv or the internet you see!
After reading the comments about the shadows the story is even more unbelievable. The shots from outside and shots from inside have such different shadows they must have been taken an hour apart!
Yup I agree it is so fake but this is not.

I don't get the point of this video. They have to air drop a rifle capable of taking down an Inspire???? The guy sets up the rifle and then after killing the Inspire, decides to finish his clip on some set up targets??? LOL. I'm pretty sure there's a large list of weapons that could knock down any UAV, Inspire included. Nobody would dispute that. This is about an asshat who makes up a story about a UAV being used to harass him and the morons in the media, who clearly think its fake, but publish it anyway.

Again, the point of you posting the video you did is completely lost. Maybe you can fill us in.
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The problem is: He did not shoot down anything at that angle. The quad was "above" him. He's actually aiming slightly down hill. Hence, an impossible shot. If it was for promotion of the firearm, it sucks. Whoever filmed this knows nothing about firearms and/or shooting! :rolleyes:
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This video was actually posted a while back and the same discussions occurred. The continuity is all off but I think it is more about the gun than the "movie."

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