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First Wedding Video - ALL Drone footage plus Things I Learned

Hey, it's a third world/developing country (Philippines) so it's relatively cheaper than in North America. Around USD $1500-2200 would get you very decent quality with 3 photographers and 3 videographers. They include pretty much everything from pre-wedding shoot, full prep time down to reception coverage, 3 full albums for the couple and both parents, blow-up frames and guestbooks, final edited pics/video plus all raw pics/vids in a hard disk, and the stuff I mentioned above. I even asked for a projector from them with the package haha, it's where they would show what has been shot and filmed early in the day while guests are having dinner. Some people pay a bit extra for pre-wedding shoot styling and teaser videos for the wedding. And on the wedding day, you'll spend $10 per person for their food. Crazy, I know.

Thank for the info I bet they charge like wounded bulls and to get a 5 min. edited video in 2 to 3 hours may I ask what sort of money do they charge

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