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Flighttime TB 48 compared to TB 47 (checked)

Jan 11, 2015
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Finally a very good day to fly here.
So I had the opportunity to compare my new TB48's with the TB47.And I can say I'm very happy to see that the difference is even better than I thought.
I did have 16 min. ( 16.21)with TB47 and just over 21(21.13) min with the TB48.All batteries did have 10% left.
The best thing either is that I can fly for much more than 1 hr now with the 4 batteries.
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Great news. The on the field tests are the best.
Remember the temeprature?
Great news. The on the field tests are the best.
Remember the temeprature?
Yes conditions were almost perfect.Just a slight breeze and 5"Celsius(41"Fahrenheit).
Have been waiting for over 2 weeks to get these conditions.(Strong winds and rain for more then 2 weeks)
10% is pretty low, I would raise it to 20%. This will give you the best life out of the lipo.
Was trying to get a fair comparisson and since the TB 47 was at 10%,I did the same with the TB 48.
Normally it's about 18% when landing.
That beeping sound is pretty clear:D
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Are there any concerns about the duty cycle of the motors? Specifically, I am wondering if it is bad news to have 6 batteries, using & charging in a cycle, with the goal of keep the bird in the air semi-continuously for a day shoot. Not sure if an 8 hour flight day, with only 3 min. breaks every 18 min will be bad for the Inspire.
No reason it wouldn't be happy with it. They run cold and reach "operating temperature" in a minute or 2, so they can hold 20 minutes they can hold 200.
Since there are no moving parts on the motors I do not see there would be any problem.
The only thing that is likely to have issues would be the bearings. (If they overheated)
I regularly fly for long periods in 18 minute intervals with circa 3 minutes down time for battery swap and pre flight checklist. This is on a larger Hex running Tiger motors. As a mater of routine I swap my bearings out every 80 hours of flight time.
I have had no issues whatsoever and I would expect the Inspire to be the same.
Careful decharging your battery below 20%, I heard that is one way for them to catch fire.
One I have to replace my battery and landed,I do a quick check and put the new battery in the Inspire.So all is taken something around 5 minutes before flying again.In this time everything is allready normal.
Have been flying my Phantom 2 like this with 8 batteries in a row and had never any problem.So the Inspire is much better build this would be no problem.You can fly it for hrs.

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