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Galaxy Tab 4 7" no image on DJI Pilot

Apr 29, 2015
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Hello everybody!...

I have problems with the connection between my Galaxy Tab 4 (7") and the DJI Pilot App, all works well except that the image is not visible in the tablet. Somebody know any solution to this problem.

Thanks in advance for your soon answer.
I don't think that tablet is really powerful enough to run the Pilot app acceptably. I expect that that is why it's not working. You really need something a lot more powerful.
It's only got 1.5GB of RAM and a very slow CPU and GPU.
It worked great for me up to 1.0.7, then the next two versions up to 1.0.10 gave me the same problem.

If you install the 1.1.0 version that was just released, it should work. The new one worked great for me on my Tab 4 7" Today.
I just had the same problem with the latest version on my Galaxy Tab 4 7" but it just prompted me to update the firmware on the remote, camera, battery, and aircraft. Also had to enable developer option on the tablet in settings, so I could enable usb debugging feature. All works well now.
I have a Tab 4 7" and a Tab 4 8". The 8" works fine and the 7" doesn't produce a picture.
I would like to use the 7" as my monitor. I've tried everything. The settings are set the same on both tablets.
Can anyone shed light on this issue? Why does one work and the other doesn't?
Thanks in advance for the help.
Spent some time fiddling. It wasn't until I downloaded the Pilot app. from the DJI website, did I get the Tab 4" video to work.
Download DJI Pilot from the DJI website and not Google Play.

Thank You Mike, that worked for me!! I'm running a Galaxy Tab 4 8" with Android version 4.4.2 on a dual controller Inspire, no picture on either controller. I deleted the Google Play Store app and downloaded the app from DJI, and installed it and now I have a great picture on each controller.
Hi, i followed the same steps here on my Galaxy Tab 4 7" with 4.4.2 and immediately had a clear and smooth image transmission from my phantom 3 pro.
While recording 4K video the live view somehow jittered because the QC 1.2 Ghz processor couldn't follow both live camera view + locally cache captured transmission.
So after disabling the local cache, live camera view went back to normal, even during rapid drone movements.
Samsung S4 back into my pocket and on the go with Tab 4 !

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