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Gimbal Shake Error

Mar 2, 2020
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Hey everyone so I was hoping to find some help here because I literally have not been able to find info on this particular issue ANYWHERE for my DJI Inspire 1 Pro with the Zenmuse x3.
So I got the drone second hand about 3 weeks ago and have flown it about half a dozen times since then and just this weekend I started getting an orange status bar at the top right corner on my DJI Pilot app that says "Gimbal Shake Error." I figured recalibrating the gimbal would fix this issue but a minute or two after the camera stops moving, it says Calibration unsuccessful and gives the retry option. This error hasnt affected the gimbal movement or flight operation but it both annoys and worries me. Anyone know what's going on, maybe my gimbal is failing?
The first thing I'll do is to clean the gimbal contacts, first with dust blower and then with alcohol. Be careful to do not displace and damage them if they are not already by the previous owner. Do that on both gimbal and inspire mount.
You may try and use the search on this forum as there is a lot of info on similar issues and see what else is suggested.
Is the gimbal shaking? You should be able to see it in the video feed, or see it. If it's not, then the above might work. If it is actually shaking, check your mounts very closely as one may be broken or not seated. Those rubber shock absorbing mounts can be hard to tell if there's a crack in them, so you have to look very closely and move the gimbal mounting plate on the drone around while looking.

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