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Ground Station & Waypoints etc.

Aug 30, 2014
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I hope I am wrong But I didn't see anything saying that it has the ground station and waypoints integrated
with the inspire in the app. I see it has the one button launch and land but nothing about preconfiguring
flight paths.
See this thread below for what it's worth. From a chat this morning. I posted this to another area regarding the battery issue as well.

(05:28:18)*** Visitor 92800032 joined the chat ***
(05:28:19) Visitor 92800032: Inspire One
(05:28:31) Bob E.: Have a question
(05:29:00)*** Cherry joined the chat ***
(05:29:08) Cherry: Hi welcome to DJI
(05:29:19) Bob E.: Have a question
(05:29:35) Bob E.: About the Inspire One
(05:29:52) Bob E.: Are you familiar with the product?
(05:30:26) Cherry: yes, you can buy from us
(05:30:42) Bob E.: I have a question first before I buy it.
(05:31:16) Bob E.: Is Lightbridge GROUND STATION built into the RC?
(05:31:59) Cherry: no
(05:32:08) Bob E.: Are you absolutely sure?
(05:32:55) Bob E.: Also, How much is the TB48 and TB47 battery and what are the differences?
(05:33:46) Cherry: yes ground station of Inspire I still under process
(05:34:02) Cherry: the price for the battery will release by next week
(05:34:15) Cherry: flying time for TB48 22mins
(05:34:27) Cherry: TB47 18mins
(05:35:12) Bob E.: What do you mean "is still under process?" for Lightbridge?
(05:36:02) Cherry: lightbridge just for FPV
(05:36:11) Cherry: not ground station
(05:37:39) Bob E.: So the lightbridge built into the Inspire One provides FPV to the C1 Remote Controller but cannot provide Ground Station capability at this time?
(05:39:09) Cherry: yes
(05:39:35) Cherry: another new lightbridge ,
(05:41:06) Bob E.: Another lightbridge what?
(05:42:37) Cherry: because we use the update lightbridge ,
(05:42:53) Cherry: better then the old one
(05:43:52) Bob E.: So will the Inspire 1 work with old lightbridge or only with new one?
(05:44:49) Cherry: only with new
(05:45:01) Cherry: already built indise
(05:45:05) Cherry: inside
(05:45:47) Bob E.: Will old GroundStation work with new one built inside Inspire 1?
(05:46:17) Cherry: sorry do not get the official news about it
(05:47:48) Bob E.: Will TB48 battery be available on Dec 1st?
(05:48:26) Bob E.: Will chargers for Phantom 2 batteries work for TB47 and TB48?
(05:49:04) Cherry: I think so , kindly wait for few days
(05:49:50) Bob E.: Wait for a few days until what?
(05:52:23) Cherry: next week
(05:53:02) Bob E.: Are you saying more information will be available next week?
(05:53:10) Cherry: yes
(05:53:20) Bob E.: Ok. Thank you.
(05:53:36) Cherry: you are welcome , thank you for your patience
(05:54:05)*** Bob E. left the chat ***
From what I heard at the event, the waypoint functionality is being considered for the Inspire 1. Similar to what we've seen roll out with firmware updates for the Vision+ and P2, expect firmware updates in the future to enable these features.


It is not compatible with the iPad GS. The Inspire App is so different than any App that DJI has done in the past. It is a combination App, Assistant, Camera Assistant and Ground Station. You can see some of the screens on the DJI website. The Ground Station functions will be familiar to those that use the Phantom and the Data Link with BT for iPad. It does not have all the features of the PC version but it is close. When the Manual is finalized all the details will be released.
Thanks for all of the updated posts, gets kinda confusing, but info is coming soon
Thanks again
Well I just noticed on their FAQ's on the Inspire1 in Dji's Store. Unless it was mentioned by members but looks official enough
They may Have recently updated this or I missed it in the beginning.
"When will ground station functionality be available?
The Inspire 1 does not currently support ground station. Ground station will be available with future firmware updates."
Very happy to see that :D
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Note the FAQ has been updated to say that Inspire does not support Ground Station (removing the commitment by DJI to add it at a future date).


"When will ground station functionality be available?"

"The Inspire 1 does not currently support ground station."

Hoping it's still coming though.
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It would be great if flying waypoints (autonomous flight) with 1 controller if you could control camera (pan not just tilt) since flight is preprogrammed.
Hi It is possible to control pan by reprogramming the rear button controls to split between tilt and pan. I agree waypoint planning would be great
This can already be done. With the back button and wheel.
Can you please tell me where to do this? I see in the options where to set the bottom buttons to program things, but I see nowhere to set the wheel to control pan.
Start watching at the 1:35 mark and just leave the volume muted.

oh, man--thank you so much...I just set this up. I just had to SCROLL DOWN more on the options to see this. Sheesh.
Stoked, dude. My single operator videos will be so much better. I need to go re-shoot my whole aerial reel now...LOL.
Thanks again, dude.
oh, man--thank you so much...I just set this up. I just had to SCROLL DOWN more on the options to see this. Sheesh.
Stoked, dude. My single operator videos will be so much better. I need to go re-shoot my whole aerial reel now...LOL.
Thanks again, dude.
You're welcome.

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