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Has anyone noticed a increase in prop noise?

Feb 5, 2015
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Harrisburg Pennsylvania
As I launch my Inspire 1, the props seems so much louder then when the plane was new. When I say louder I am talking about the prop wash noise, it seems so much louder. Even in the air the plane seem so much louder then before.

I broke a prop on the 4th of July after hiting something on a sloppy landing and had to replace one. I have measured the height of each prop and they seems consistent. There doesn't seem to be any nicks or broken areas.

Has anyone experience anything like this or have any ideas?-----------
Is it prop noise or motor noise? Try removing the props and spinning up the motors.

When you broke the prop, you might have also damaged the bearings in the motor and that is the noise that you're hearing. I don't know whether there is a way to test each motor independently (like you can on Mikrokopter) but that way you could compare the noise that each motor makes to see if they're different.

Thanks Andy, I did notice that with the props off two of the motors seem to have a minor high pitch squeal.

i noticed after about 60 flights the self locked props are no longer perfectly balanced, i also noticed one of them to be slightly bend (i do very aggressive flying some times) changes in balance like that will make the props make more noise. and make the motors work harder.

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