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Xoar Carbon Fiber Props w/ Self Tightening and quick release adapters for DJI Inspire 2 - Review

Aug 21, 2017
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First off please check out the official Xoar link for the exact specs and background data…they do a great job of laying out all the tech data you’d need.

Xoar PJP-T-L-IN2 Xoar Precision Pair Carbon Fiber Props for DJI Inspire 2

Now to the fun stuff…

Note: I’m not affiliated in any way with Xoar but I will give you my honest opinion good or bad of a product. I am a bit biased though as I’ve been running Xoar props in all of my fixed wing and 3D planes for years so I do like them as a company and as a quality product. Please note that the following review is based on a relatively small flight sampling but I will follow up with a long term update to give you guys as much information as possible. So far here are my impressions:

Install and Fit/finish:

I must say true to form for all other Xoar props I’ve ever used (either wood or CF) these are beautiful and factory balanced out of the package. I also check the balance of all my props regardless of factory balance as sometimes they can get a bit off but these guys tested true and no need to add even a hint of tape or nail polish.

Mounting: Please follow the instructions on the website for hole orientation and sizing so that you don’t mix up the adapter and prop screws. Although fairly intuitive, the screw hole sizes are pretty close and it’s not that hard to mix them up if you’re moving too fast.

Flight Impressions

Usually we try to fly the heck out of drone/prop combo but this time we’re so excited that we just did a handful of flights and knew we had something good. The adapters are great, self-tightening, and work as intended. We used a little lock tight as we always do for any metal to metal connection and had zero problems with vibration or imbalance from the setup.


· Lightning quick responses compared to the flexible stock props, as you’d expect going from a stock composite to a rigid CF prop the reflexes feel great. These props make the I2 feel more like an extension of your fingers, as good of a 1:1 relationship as you could expect from a GPS bird.

· I was worried that the rigidness of the props would translate more motor vibration to the craft but seeing that our craft already suffered from the dreaded red prop rattle and this certainly takes all that out of play for peace of mind, our props didn’t translate any more motor vibrations to the craft then the stock ones did…obviously this still translates to incredibly smooth video and aerial photos.

· Xoar rates these for approx. 200 hrs. of service and I can tell you I’ve got just about 100 hrs. on my S900 with similar CF blades and they’re still going strong- they’ve even out lasted half the motors. Personally I usually replace blades at about every 50-100 hrs. (for CF props) so this extends the service life quite a bit if you take it to their life expectancy.

· Blades seem to be a bit quieter on calmer photo shoots where smoothness is key…a slight increase is noticed when things get a bit sport. (only really noticeable when flown back to back with a stock rig though)


· Not quite as convenient to swap props but realistically for a commercial and even a recreational drone really not a big deal. These are CF props so if you chip them or damage them you really do need to replace them and they do cost more than their stock counterparts.

· These blades seem to be a bit louder…a slight pitch increase especially on heavy braking

Battery Life:

For our fun flights we say a slight decrease in battery life but we were flying it like we stole it so it was probably a function of flying style rather than an efficiency issue. For our mapping missions we noticed a slight increase in battery life so I would have to say it’s a wash. I’m not sure if the pitch was changed from the stock props but it appears to be quite a bit more responsive and if there was an increase in pitch one would expect some net loss of efficiency. To us it really wasn’t a noticeable increase or decrease.

Long Term Impressions (Durability and Issues)

· To Be Determined…will need more flights to determine how well they fair.

Final initial thoughts: These props address a specific need for the I2 and fix the issue that a lot of I2 owners have, they remedy a weak prop adapter/prop design and they do it with style and performance increases at the same time. End result, they just plain work, feel of the copter is much more responsive, battery life seems to be about the same if not a little better. One thing I haven't tested yet is performance in the elevated winds or in gusty conditions but this is pretty easy for me to remedy as our coastal town usually has no short supply of on-shore winds.

(I'll be adding media soon but I was pretty impressed with these so I wanted to get the raw info out there...this is a great solution for our birds...not a hybrid option but a ground up new design specifically for our needs).

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