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How tight are your video and receiver wires?

Aug 5, 2014
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ive just been looking at how tight these wires are when the landing gear is raised. This is something you would not notice when it's in the air or in travel mode. Theses wires are tight on the black metal frame, just wonder if this is normal? Could lead to problems if these cut through on the frame Over time.
Already modified on mine! - I cut small lengths of silicon tubing and put them over the coax cables where they make contact with the frame. There are also two wires that go to a miniature plug in the same vicinity so I gave that the same treatment. I have first hand experience from building multirotors from scratch and have seen what high frequency vibration can do to wiring sheaths.
The rest of the Inspire is fairly well constructed with grommets for major cables entering/exiting CF parts etc but the cables you mention are a particular weak point.
So I take it all inspires will have the same problem? If the wire was just 5-6mm longer it would have been fine. Just seems tight for such an important wire. I have some silicone fuel tubing from my I.c helidays, so will look that out :)
I too noticed that they were very tight on both my Inspires. Doesn't make much sense.
Anyone know the size of the prepreg tube and filament winding tube leading to the rear servo? Also trying to locate a company that have parts for the inspired 1 in stock. [email protected]

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