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I2 remote ID

It figures they would do that after I purchased a remote ID tag already. Frumfff! I will look at it today and see what it does.
So I was on a job yesterday downloading zone unlocks, and prompt came up for a firmware update. The description said the update included support for remote ID in the US. I did not want to attempt an update in the field on a job, but wondered if anyone else has seen this or tried it?
What version firmware are you on? I am not getting any notification for a firmware update. I am on 01.02.0600.
I just checked, and the Inspire 2 is not listed on the FAA's compliant list. So whatever they did, it doesn't have an accepted MOC so far.

I didn't think it was. But interestingly enough, in my quest for a potential update, I found that the Go4 app was not registering an update available. I was on v 4.3.37 and when I checked for the apk file download, it was up to 4.3.60. So I installed it. But still no firmware update messages. I'll monitor going forward.
Yes, the HS Holy Stone RID modules work great on both drones. The module is a fully self-contained unit; all you do is assign it to a drone by programming it via the Holy Stone “Drone Go2” app. It is rechargeable via any USB-C connector. There is a RID number on the module itself that you will need to associate/update to your drone & registration for compliance. I’ve included a link to Alien Drone which breaks it down more. This channel gets direct updates from the FAA because he collaborates with the FAA’s actual “Drone Guy” & also the Pilot Institute on drone-related issues. You can also get a discount on the modules if you use his product link. Hope this helps.

-“Enjoy the skies & stay safe!”
Where did you attach to your Inspire 2? Any concern of it falling off at 60mph in the air?
Where did you attach to your Inspire 2? Any concern of it falling off at 60mph in the air?
FYI I just experienced video interference that i believe might be coming from my Dronetag RID unit. I had mounted it using the 3M super Velcro stuff (duralock?) near the nose of the aircraft, and in hindsight, right on top of the processor for the I2. Going to try with it mounted to the bottom of the unit about halfway back.

Sample video interference:
Thats why I designed the RID mounts to be GoPro style. I attach mine to the motor arms with our lighting mounts whicg are GoPro style).
Best parctice to keep away from GPS compass on top of I2 (dome cut out). I have had problems with mounting a
second (metal gimbal EVO SS) with 360 camera . It took some testing toget location right. If you are seeing problem its good that you noted. I have no issue on my Marice 200 series. You can see in pic up a couple treads. The interference you speak of was the frame jitter correct?
I must be blind I do not see the interference your are taking about can you capture the frame
Sorry old age

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