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INSPIRE 1 NEAR BIRD STRIKE over the Hudson River in Manhattan (NYC).

Jul 30, 2015
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This is the second time I've had one of these winged rats try to take my baby down. SMH.

Have that happened to my bird a few times, but so far no one attacked in full.
Thinking about if it´s the white color or the shape of the INSPIRE 1, which makes it so much more interesting for the birds, than, for example a Phantom I had before.

You who have painted your INSPIRE's in other colors, do you notice any difference?
I had a couple of seagulls chase my P2V+ as well (again over water). I think it has something to do with birds being territorial particularly when they are hunting (for fish?).
Joola, I don't worry about the horizon too much anymore since I learned how to fix it in post.
Looks like a hawk to me. Haven't found gulls to be aggressive when flying but have had to land when birds of prey are nearby
I've had birds chase mine quite a few times. I've had to stop and move aggressively side to side a couple of times to scare birds away. Mostly over the ocean but once over land as well. Not so the Phantom though.
Whenever I try to get footage of birds over land they always fly away from me...lol
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I have problems with seagulls. So far, no damage to bird or drone. Yesterday I had the problem again. First of all, one bird arrives, starts squawking and before you know if there's 20 or more birds circling above my drone. That's fine, but then they take it in turns to dive into to drone. So far no damage thankfully; I usually land and walk away reckoning the birds are way better pilots than me!!.

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