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Inspire1 Operation Frequency

Aug 2, 2014
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What is the difference between these Operating Frequency? Is absolutely stunning in use. lovely:):)

922.7 ~ 927.7 MHz (Japan Only)
5728 ~ 5850 GHz
2.400 ~ 2.483 GHz

How does a difference?:)
5.8GHz is used between the master and slave controllers when using dual operator mode
2.4GHz is used from the master to the Inspire and back for video, telemetry and control signals
0.9GHz I think is used for the master to slave in Japan due to some regulation of the 5GHz spectrum there. The Phantom Vision uses 0.9GHz in Japan too whereas the US/EU one uses 5.8GHz.
[Quote = "rilot, post: 2775, Medlem: 1954"] 5.8GHz brukes Mellom master- og slavekontrollere NÅR du Bruker dual operatørmodus
2,4 GHz brukes FRA mester til Inspire og Tilbake for video, telemetri og styresignaler
0.9GHz JEG Tror brukes for herre til slave i Japan på GRUNN AV Noen regulering av 5 GHz der. The Phantom Vision Bruker 0.9GHz i Japan også, mens USA / EU mann Bruker 5.8GHz. [/ Quote]

Takk for svar! Hvordan kan man finne ut om det er en japansk modell eller USA / EU modell. Kan ikke finne det på min rc eller inspire1. How do you to fcc / ce mode.?
There is no FCC / CE mode. The Inspire uses 5.8GHz and 2.4GHz in both markets. The Vision had a switch because the power of 5.8GHz is limited in the EU. This is not an issue with the Inspire as 5.8GHz is only used for the communication between transmitters when running dual operator. It's only a very short distance, unless you plan to have your camera operator 2km away from your pilot :)

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