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Intentional Parachute Deployment - Smart Controller Demo - Monday - Fort Myers

Florida Drone Supply

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Dec 8, 2016
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We had been posting in a few of the parachute related threads over on Phantom Pilots about intentionally deploying a Phantom parachute and are now confirmed for this to happen on Monday (February 4th) in Fort Myers. We will install the parachute, send up to 300+ feet and turn the aircraft off and test the deployment of the chute as well as the impact it has when it hits the ground.

We are posting here on InspirePilots as well because we know many pilots have multiple aircraft and the parachute is also available for M200, M210, M600 and soon to be available for the Mavic line.

We have invited anyone willing to make the drive to join us at our large and wide open testing facility near Fort Myers.

We will also be happy to bring over anything else anyone wants to get their hands on and test fly - especially some of the newer Mavic 2 and Mavic 2 Enterprise aircrafts (as well as the Smart Controller). We could also bring anything from the Matrice line, Inspire line, etc.

If you are interested in witnessing the parachute tests or have anything in particular you would like us to bring for you to test fly, just let us know. Send us a message here or to the email below and we will get you the address and info you need to get into the facility.

Thanks - and we will be reporting the results here after the test...good, bad or indifferent. We did the same thing with a Matrice 200. We put it up in the air (200-300 feet) and turned it off to test the parachute system.

If you are not familiar with the parachute system we are going to be testing, here is a link to them:

Hope to see you there!
Roger that. We plan to share it all - good, bad or indifferent. Because this parachute is self re-packable and uses a mechanical deployment, we are hoping to be able to deploy it, recover it, repack it and send it up and deploy it again! If possible we would love to do it several times to test the ease of use and reliability of the product. Parazero is an excellent product - we just like to go the extra mile and test it all.

We did the same thing last month with an M200 - put it up to 300 feet and turned it off. Parachute deployed as expected and recovery was successful with only trivial damage to anything.
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Can you confirm that the $299 for the Phantom Parazero does not include the standards for FAA NPRM Flight over People?

As I understand it, in order to meet these proposed standards, an additional cost will be incurred abive the current price.

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